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Anonconforming conditionis a setting of an SSC involving failure to realise a preset quality standards. In this case, the main nonconforming condition that contributed to the Aski boot breaking relates to to the injection machine complications. As a manufacturing engineer, there are vast responsibilities behind which proper product quality is based. The most important role under my area of operation in the company deals with assemblance of shoe parts together. To a general view, I am solely responsible for making an assemblence of the shoe parts. Following the broken Aski boot, various manufacturing issues could have contributed to the problem.

Disposition Decision

Proper investigations were carried out to find out the possible causes of Aski boot walker breaking. After tracing through the vital stages involved in shoe production, it was realised that the injection molding machine developed technical hitches at the time of production. Injection molding is a normal manufacturing prosess implemented in the thermoplastcs parts production. The system involves a heated barrel into which a material is fed, mixed and finally directed to a mould cavity where it cools. The cooled material is then hardened to the right cavity configuration.  As was observed in the sampled broken boot, it was realised that plastic on the boot cover had failed against its expectation. This was realised from the observation made on the linking rod tying the shoe together. This rod used in making the boot twisted through plastic retaining vessel.



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Based on the manufacturing quality assurance standard maintainace, the most appropriate remedy to the complication would only involve replacement of the shoe. This strategy best serves to ensure that only quality products reach the market. It is important to note that the market forms the basic interest of the organisation. In this case, the shoe used for the replacement should go through rightfull strength testing to approve its characteristics. So as to ensure the right quality of shoe is set, the quality control department should come in to conduct proper testing procedures.

Based on the injection moulding machine, the shoe used for the replacement procedures should pass through the right moulding steps. These steps would include sufficient cooling time for the shoe during the injection phase and geometrically controlled freezing. Additionally, all the tool surface particles and barrel foreign debris should be totally cleared. Proper observation of these strategies would ensure proper replacement of the shoe in question.


So as to instil permanent resolutions to the manufacturing sector in the company, the plastic used should be freshly designed. From the basics observed in the plastic properties, the most important element of change in the plastics’ set up should cover its chemistry. The new chemistry should capitalise on the stretching abilities of the plastic. A more complex chemistry chain should be incorporated so as to enhance greater stretching abilities of the products. In addition, the material chemical structure should be characterised with a higher curve radius. These chemical adjustments would help narrowing down the possibility of any manufacturing complications in the future. Making the rod sink deeper into the plastic forms part of the most immediate resolutions to be implemented so as to ensure strong shoes.

Another more important element of interest would be to carry out proper test on the injection moulding machine. The machine should be carefully checked and serviced to ensure that no chances are left for risks any more. Additionally, all the manufacturing departmental personell ought to be provided with short induction courses to ensure their performance standards remain updated. Implementation of these aspects in the manufacturing department would ensure perfect future production within the organisation.  


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