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Question B: Write an analysis paragraph that describes what Baldwin wants his audience to know, think,   feel, or understand about being white in America


Baldwin’s intention was to show his audience that one can only be destroyed by believing in what the white world calls a Nigger.


In this context, the writer shows that he loves the reader and do not want him to regret when things go wrong. That is the reason he warns the reader in a friendly way. In this case, Baldwin wants his audience to understand that America profoundly believes in holiness.


From this perception, the claim behind all these concepts is that Nigger can completely destroy those who believe in what the white world calls a Nigger. This claim can however be tested to ascertain its validity.   


This claim can be supported by E. Franklin’s quote. According to E. Franklin Frazier’s quotation in the letter, “The cities of destruction“, the whites’ belief in holiness can easily make someone to be destroyed. According to E. Franklin Frazier’s quotation “The cities of destruction“ in the letter, it is understandable that holiness can easily destroy an individual.



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Based on the claims and the evidence provided, it can be concluded that the whites Americans understanding of the notion of holiness has an ability to destruct. Baldwin is concerned about his friends and he stress on the importance to remember about friend's role in life. It is recommended for the audience to always keep the relations with friends in focus despite the holiness concept. It is important to remember our friends even if they are dead or far from us. We can show our respect to friends through getting in touch with their families or children and helping them when it is needed.


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