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I do qualify for the job as I have the 4 years experience and 5 years experience in relation to supervision. I have no doubt I am good in retail business even in the area of house wares. I am a strong person willing to undertake hard chores for a living. The first thing is to create a positive impression to the hiring manager. This raises confidence on the part of the manager and you personally. You are supposed to respond with warm response to the manager. My previous experience is relevant as it did aid in building my interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and other positive virtues in the work place. The position in the home improvement center is just an improvement of my previous job description. The difference in working at night is that one is with minimal supervision. You require a self-drive to succeed in your night assignments. There is also minimal contact with other people. You focus on your work productivity. Sometimes daytime work requires high interpersonal skills. This is because of high interpersonal contact.

I have good interpersonal and communication skills. These are crucial in supervision work. A supervisor needs to have conflict management skills and abilities. Over time as a junior, I did assist my fellows to solve conflicts. The conflicts were in relation to misconception in the working environment and negative attitudes towards others in the working place. The first thing I did was to clarify the issue at conflict. I did make them understand they need each other beyond the working place. Good neighborhood is inevitable at all places (Troutman, 2007).

Time management is crucial in every institution. I will advise him to delegate the duty to another close family member but facilities the medication with adequate resources. For grave situation, I will advice to seek time off the work place and attend to the case. This is case a divided mind is not productive in the working environment (Fraying, 1974). .


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