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The results of the background check will influence hiring decision that I will make as the hiring manager. Revelations such as these are common ways of ensuring that people are truly what they ought to be around workplaces. The background check is one of the stages of hiring and it is therefore crucial to any hiring process. I will not continue hiring the applicant just like that; many of the interviewees can even pretend during their entire employment.

I will suspend the hiring process until company policies are confirmed so that such cases are dealt with, within the policy framework set up by Home Improvement Center. According to me, the background check just worked out well in favor of honest hiring process one which many wished to be fair and transparent to all. Before making hiring decisions, we need to be careful because the vacancy to be filled is a crucial one both to middle management and to operational levels.

It would be illegal to hire this applicant because criminals are not fit to hold offices or ranks and lead others to do some job. Issues to do with ethics and integrity are catching up on many organizations and the laws clearly states that people fit to hold various key positions need to have a clean record to their governments and also to the citizens of the same nation. When the background check brings out criminality features, the same should be confirmed in terms of degree of crime and the standing charges (Gluck, 2013).

For some potential employees, it could be petty crimes that can occur to any citizen. These cannot deter employment at all. Criminal background reporting should be initiated in order to clear out the air and get the standings about a given interviewee. Pre-employment tests can be initiated to cover areas such as drugs, physical fitness, drug testing, personality tests and even background tests (Aberdeen Group, 2005). These tests will aim to provide real data about potential staff into an organization. Many analysts consider them good because they prepare employees in advance.


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