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A home improvement retailer and home improvement centre is seeking to hire a supervisor. The position is of a night shift supervisor. The location of the work place is just within the company. The compensation on the job is done monthly and will be paying $750 monthly. The position is part time, as the individual will only be reporting for the third shift from 10 P.M.-6 A.M. The FLSA status is exempt.

The job qualifications are as follows: a 4-year degree, which may be substituted with 3-5 years of experience in the field, stated above, 5 years experience supervising 3 or more employees. The individual should have an exceptional experience in retail business, preferably in house wares. There is heavy lifting involved with the job and therefore the applicant must be strong enough to be able to lift the heavy weights. The person should exemplify good communication skills both written and oral. This is because he or she will have to write to the manager daily on the job and will need to communicate with the employees under him especially when giving orders to them (Troutman, 2007).

The person needs to be an excellent decision maker since we will require the person to work independently at times. Hence, the decisions made should never affect their work and the company at large. The person will be left with the power of making decisions since the manager will not be around most of the time. The person should be able to work to meet deadlines. The main purpose of the supervisor is to ensure that the night duties by the employees are done well. He or she will also have to ensure that all employees report for work. The employee must also ensure that every goods that come in or those that are carried out of the company are recorded and accounted for. He or she will also have to write a report on all that happens in the company and report to the manager. The candidate must pass in order to qualify for the job (Frayling, 1974).


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