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International relationship is a broad term about the relationships between different countries. There are different scopes to international relations and some of them are realism, liberalization, feminism and neo-Marxism. All this deal with the different aspects of international relationships in regards to how one country relates and treat other countries especially among countries that do not have equal economic and political powers. The four pedigrees focus on how a country like the United States of America treats others in form of political sanctions and other interests in regards to their own interests. The economic ties with other countries also play a key role in shaping the international relations.

Realism is a general term used in international relations theory where countries in the world have competitive self-interests which serve as an inner drive from them to achieve their motives in politics. The principles guiding realism include the anarchic where the states form relations with each other with no control or manipulation from a higher power. The other principle of the realism theory is that both states must be the main actors in all activities taking place between them. The states in realism have an interest in gaining as much resources as possible and pursue self-interests. The other principle is survival is the primary goal for the states and they can do anything to make sure their survival is not under comprise of any form. This may include military actions in states that threaten the survival of others.



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The sovereign states in realist world are the superior ones and have a say in everything that goes on around them. This is because they have powers and can influence many activities in the international field. The countries who feel threatened by others seek counter behaviors or actions that will protect them. The United States of America and Venezuela have a history of conflicts where the Chávez government opposed the actions of America in Afghanistan. This led to conflicting interests between the two states and the United States tried to adapt a confrontational policy, but was not successful. The United States is powerful as compared to Venezuela and it was expected that the Venezuelan government would back down from the conflict. This was not the case and this is where realism came into effect. The theory of realism shows that during such times the economic links between the countries can tie them together even though they have differences in their political views. The United States maintained a stern approach towards Iran and Cuba and the Venezuelans took advantage of this and formed good relationship with these countries as a counterattack strategy against the states. However, this did not affect the economic ties between the states and the Venezuelan government as they export oil to the U.S and borrow capital to fund oil projects.

In realism, some countries want to make identity for themselves and in so doing they rebel against the nations with power and attach themselves to the rebel countries or those that have a bad relationship with the powerful countries. This is exactly what happened in Cuba bad Venezuela as they tried to prove their abilities and identity to the rest of the world. The countries have no permanent take on issues and they keep adjusting their views depending on the circumstances that suit them best.

Liberalism is about respecting the rights and freedom of others. This includes freedom to make decisions, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion and equity of everyone under the law. The United States is one of the countries in the world known for respecting individual democracies and in the recent years have adapted the modern liberalization where voting and equal rights is mandatory for all citizens. The state tries to improve its international relations with other countries using the economic ties with them as they try to improve their economies and bring in equity in division of resources. The United States in the 1890s helped Venezuela fight off the British on the issue of the Guyana Esequiba where both Britain and Venezuela claimed was their territory. The states helped calm the situation by imposing to the British government that their interpretation of the Monroe Doctrine was not fair. This shows the power of the States to restore equality and fairness when they proclaimed an interest in the matter and help interpret the doctrine in a fair manner. There are different types of liberalism and classical liberalism advocates for free markets and economies where the forces of demand and supply shape the trends in the market. This way the human wants can be satisfied without the interruption of the government. The importance of liberalism among countries is to help improve the balance in the flow of goods by maintaining a steady flow in and out of the country. This is the tie linking the United States to Venezuela despite their political differences. The economic empowerment of Venezuela helps the two countries connect and interact on economic issues and exchange good and services despite their differences.

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Neo-Marxism is another aspect of the international relations between the United States of America and other countries in the continent. The FACR organization is one of the groups that freely transport drugs and other harmful substances across the borders into the United States. This is possible because they are believed to receive funding from a neo-Marxist state believed to be Venezuela. This is a serious problem to the states because the drugs smuggled into the country by the neo-Marxists form a large percentage of the illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin in the country. There is a close tie between the Venezuelan president and the leaders of the FARC movements and this is a threat to the other countries in the state. This can be linked to the deaths in Colombia caused by the rebels. The presence of the FARC in countries like Colombia where they have a strong hold threatens the relationship of the United States with its neighboring countries because it compromises the safety of the citizens and leads to build up of rebellious activities that may harm the country in future. Neo Marxism threatens the good relationship between countries and hinders smooth transition of human rights in different governments. The activities of neo-Marxism also make it hard for people to enjoy their economic rights because most of them have to work in the drug factories or in the transportation of drugs across borders.

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Feminism, on the other hand is about the theory of political, social, and economic empowerment of women in different fields. For many years, many women have been fighting to have equal rights as men. They faced many challenges before their demands were dealt with. This means that any country with democratic ruler ship has to make sure that women enjoy their rights and are able to access crucial services like health care and education like men. Feminism is all about provision of equal rights in all fields’ .the aspect of feminism has become broad in the last few years and the issue of abortion has come up. Many women in the past did abortions, but illegally, its legalization sparked uproars in different countries with many people terming it as inhuman. Venezuela is one of the countries that do not believe in abortions and advocate for illegalization of abortion. This affects the relationship between the two countries because of their takes on the matters. However, the economic empowerment of women and their political freedom and enjoyment of rights is mutual in both countries making them even in the field. The United States does a lot to improve the rights of women in different countries and many women advocate for fair treatment of women in all countries. The sexual rights of women in Venezuela are not as well established as they are in the United States of America and many women are still in the process of advocating for their rights. However, education and voting rights have taken effect and many organizations are identifying ways to improve the education of women and empower them.

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The relationship between many countries in the Latin America and America is not well defined as they have an enemy or friendly relationship depending on the issue at hand. This is the case between America and Venezuela where they are friends economically, but when it comes to political preferences they do not see, eye to eye this shows how the theories of realism and liberalism work and how the countries apply them to benefit their interests. The conflicts between nations and their desires to survive in a competitive environment is the driving force forcing the countries to adapt behaviors that might harm other countries, but be sure of their own empowerment. Feminism and neo-Marxism come in from the fights for economic empowerment though in different platforms. The neo-Marxist does not believe in socialism and try to fight for their rights using force and manipulation. The feminists, on the other hand advocate for the rights of the women and equal treatment with men.


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