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I want to passionately express my opinion of the significance of the Indonesian culture on my professional development. Over a long period, I have had a passion to spur my leadership skills. The culture is full of interaction and establishment of close social links. I have strived towards this target of professional development by reading various resources on the different cultures. I have found the Indonesian culture very interactive and soul motivating of most scholars. Most professional articles emphasize on culture of Indonesian, as the source of informed leadership in the most countries of the current world (Edward, 2010).

Anthropology is a wide field in a professional development. It covers wide facts on cultures of different people and their influence on contemporary issues. Leadership is a complex issue in the modern days. My focus on professional development is to study Indonesian culture to embrace sound leadership skills among people and groups of the world. I will advance my culture studies to media prints and journals. To add on, I will focus on other anthropological sources in order to advance on the same field of study.



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The Indonesian culture is a manifestation of people’s desire to live and lead others in harmonious situations. Culture is both a social and global issue. I have always developed instinct of learning the organizational structures of different subcultures of Indonesia. I learnt to work in the well-coordinated groups and social classes. This was due to the continuous interaction with various cultures in different media (Peter, 2009).

The Indonesia culture is a perfect example of cultural relativism. There is a fair mix between indigenous and foreign influences. This aspect shaped my perspective towards cultural relativism in the society. It is always crucial to appreciate different ways of life of people. This will enable a good leader to mix freely with them. My professional redevelopment on cultural studies aims to promote respect for other cultures. People move from different cults to embrace one another. There is the presence of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism and other multiple religions. Religion is a crucial factor in leadership of people of Indonesia (Peter, 2009). There is also a spread of Christianity in Indonesia. This is an interesting factor in professional studies. A good leader will learn to embrace the cultural diversities of all these groups. The cultural complexity inculcates the culture of open-mindedness in a leader.

I have always learnt to appreciate cultural fusions in the society. Leadership skills require one to interact freely with the followers. This will boast confidence and acceptability in the people he/she leads. There is an emphasis on the cultural dances, as a way of good leadership. The Balinese dance presents architectural leadership. It is a lesson worth learning from the people of Indonesia.

A good leader needs intellectuall empathy and social relativism to succeed in his/her leadership. Culture is the study of diverse ways of life of people in the contemporary society. The western influence had a share on the cultures of other people. It has influenced on technology, science and entertainment. The development of culture requires the development of the wide aspects in the society as well. Cultures do shape political leadership amongst many nations. It is of essence to learn complex culture in order to be a good leader. I have had the virtue of learning the Indonesian culture (Peter, 2009). This is crucial in my professional development. The emergence of cultural issues in political leadership is imminent in many nations. Many prominent leaders embraced global cultures to succeed in their territories. The interaction of folk music and Indonesian dance is a reflection of roots of diverse cultures of the world. People value their cultures. Every good leader must develop respect for culture. It is an interactive tool in leadership. Respect for culture is respect for the people, who value that particular culture.

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My experience with the Indonesian culture is a good trait in professional development. I have learnt to respect people of a diverse origin and practices. Good leadership and culture are inseparable. Different languages, traditions, festivals, and literature arts embrace coexistence and peace among people (Edwards, 2010). It is cultural to understand all these aspects in the diverse cultures. The leaders in the Indonesian setting have always learnt the idea of cultural relativism.

It is my sincere desire to encourage my fellow scholars to learn the Indonesian culture. The culture is very informative and complex. It is a good interactive session to develop careers. My experience with the Indonesian culture is now paramount. It is possible to develop a career in music, dance and literature works. Different ethnic groups represent various challenges that the leaders face in their leadership.

A leader, who ignores culture, ignores the people he/she leads. This depends on the valuation people place on the culture. Culture is an in-born trait among people (Edwards, 2010). Professional development in culture is a wide field. People find it difficult in the choice of culture to embrace in their leadership studies.

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Leadership skills are not universal. I can influence people in a positive manner without conflict. The Indonesian culture has developed my interpersonal skills.


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