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Demographic, economic and cultural differences between Japan and Mexico

Both in Japan and Mexico patients respond almost in a similar way to the absolute health conditions and the usage of OTC drugs. People use these medications cautiously and are not highly influenced by the advertisements, so they would entirely depend on them. Access to these medicines has been provided in both countries, and people view them as being as effective as the other drugs (Levinthal, 2012).

Japan is a homogenous country, although some notable percentage of the population is not Japanese. Mexico, on the other hand, is purely Spanish, and its population is dominantly of a Roman Catholic affiliation. These two countries have diverse cultures, while Mexico’s population is known for its folk traditions and Japan’s population tends to be biased towards the urban lifestyle (Levinthal, 2012).

Effect on the marketing strategies for over-the-counter medicines

While there is a high flexibility with the information sharing within the Japanese nation, only a limited number of people may get access to the distributed information in Mexico. There also exists the usage of private offices in Mexico, creating bureaucracies throughout the decision making process, which is unacceptable in Japan (Walker & Edwards, 2003).



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There are so many differences regarding the demography, culture and economic status of the Japanese and Mexicans. Some of them were mentioned above, and they greatly influence marketing strategies that are applied in these countries. For instance, while being a homogenous country, Japan is very diverse in terms of languages, hence attracting a great number of adverts and marketing activities in different languages. On the other hand, Mexico is almost an entirely Spanish speaking country, so no great language diversity is present. The differing populations of these two countries also call for diverse marketing methods, especially while trying to reach Mexico’s ultra high population.

Marketing strategies for over-the-counter medicines in Japan and Mexico

The suggested marketing strategy for over-the-counter medicines in Japan and Mexico is provision of a competitive advantage.  This strategy requires all new drugs to gain new drug application before they enter the market. This is made possible by the foods and drugs corporation and it ensures quality to clients and confidence in the market. The federal government also regulates advertising of OTC drugs but requires that these drugs be properly labeled to ensure consumers’ safety. This is a marketing strategy that aims at building a strong brand name for products (Melmon & Morrelli, 1992).

Marketing strategies for over-the-counter medicines in the United States

The United States employs a variety of strategies in sales and marketing activities. The key to this is the provision of drug coupons to its consumers. This is meant to be a competitive advantage for consumers, as opposed to the charges they pay to health insurance companies in order to get prescribed medicine.  Another strategy employs offering free samples for consumers’ use to gain their confidence. This is very helpful since not all drugs are suitable for everyone; therefore, people need to understand what works best for them (Walker & Edwards, 2003).


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