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The process of changes in an organization is constant. For this reason the proposed model of immunity map helps to manage the process of leadership change which is related to the environmental challenges. Corporate culture and values of organization are important elements which may both serve as obstacles and facilitators of leadership change processes. The key issue in this case is the proper management of these elements.

Research study results and raw data collected have demonstrated a strong need in communicating the change factors to the members of corporate culture, i.e. employees of the organization. Leaders should not only see the gaps revealing the direction of strategic goals, but also see the potential problems which may arise if the leadership change processes are not properly communicated and explained at every level of an organization.

Seeing these problems will help the leaders to plan and implement the change slowly and effectively. The motivation of employees should not be affected by the change processes within the organization. This means that the processes mentioned in the immunity map should not be neglected when introduced at one level and waiting for another level to follow. Communication strategy in terms of environmental challenges should be planned in such a way that the levels of organization obtain information from top to bottom, not otherwise.



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It is also important to note that the results of data collection showed differences between communication strategies directed towards various departments and organizational levels. Management of these departments needs to focus on those aspects that are truly essential for the effectiveness of work.

At the same time, there are significant differences in the way the leadership change should be communicated to different departments. It is also essential that the information which flows all around the organization does not become public. Leadership change is complex and somewhat painful process for every employee, not only for the management of each organization. And for this reason, the implementation of leadership change and all the environmental challenges related to it should be assessed with care and respect from the side of both the employees of the organization and the management.

The basic recommendation in this case is the division of the priorities when conducting the communicational strategy at the organization. Each type of organizational level needs to receive strong and committed explanation which is clear and powerful. Leadership change is not a process for long discussion, but at the same time it requires preparation and proper planning of each action to be taken.

When the priorities are divided, it is much easier to distinguish, which type of department requires the leadership change, and where leadership change may become a major challenge for implementation. However, focusing only on setting priorities and looking at the peculiarities of each department within the organization is not the best strategy in this case. The leadership should also look at their primary strategic goals and see whether they are fulfilled being based on the priorities which have been made.

These recommendations help in planning the leadership change in any organization. Big corporations as well as small companies can benefit from the immunity map which helps to distinguish the potential problems of the company based on its market position and the overall corporate culture and value chain. Immunity map is helpful for individuals as leaders and individuals as processors of leadership change based on the environmental challenges in an organization. Feedback necessity and advanced communication strategies based on the priorities of all organizational levels are essential elements of the whole process of leadership change in the organization.


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