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Free «Rhetorical Analysis of FB Updates or Tweets» Essay Sample

Wherever people go today, arguments get in their eyes or ears. Nowadays, this is the dominant method to come into a notice. People watch commercials on TV, read in newspapers and magazines, hear in supermarkets etc. That’s the way they become the audience for an argument. Nowadays written arguments have even more power because they can be placed to internet social sources. That is a good way for social net users to create a commercial if needed. They set new statuses or update tweets and other users start a discussion. Celebrities often use social nets to stay popular and close to fans (Callison and Lamb 34-39).

I’ve decided to analyze Lady Gaga’s tweets on Twitter source. She is a famous singer, and there are always many arguments around her. Her usual audience for the arguments is her friends and fans that are subscribed for her updates. There are many dialogs and disputes with friends pasted in her tweets that create arguments about her behavior. She also makes publications about new concerts for her fans and stay in touch with them paying attention on what they’ve written. Gaga consider the audience to be her friends and never forgets about them posting new tweets. Most of the information is written for the fans so that they could know more about their favorite singer.


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Lady Gaga often paste some photos of her own and friends from different events. She always has an unusual makeup and her appearance provokes debates between people. Some like her and some not. New songs’ information takes place in statuses too and the fans discuss a future video to the songs very actively. Gaga also tweets about the way she spent a day and makes pictures of everything she saw. For example, photos of hotel rooms, messages on pieces of paper left by her colleagues, new clothes, magazines, food at a restaurant, dinner in the airplane etc. That makes her fans discuss singer’s tastes and preferences. Fans can read about her interests, favorite films, soup-operas, and Gaga’s impression after watching. She paste links to her friends’ thoughts too and describes her opinion about them. Lady Gaga often tweets about her fans’ new videos and thanks to them. She always admires with her fans’ audience and tries to stay in touch.

Tweets are updated daily on Lady Gaga’s page, and that means she wants to tell the audience the maximum of information about her life. Some days, she makes from five to ten tweets. It depends on the kind of the events that happen in her life. A few arguments with friends were noticed for the last month, but at the end of the disputes, she appealed to her fans and wrote that it is the usual way to make fun for her and they better would not pay attention. In this way, the singer created a situation for the arguments: first, she wrote to her friends in an abusive way and when her fans started being indignant about her behavior she said it was a joke and another wave of arguments came because the fans were shocked somehow about all that.

Disputes and arguments are very good when it is needed to come into a notice, and for modern celebrities, it is an inalienable part of their public relations. The one is famous who is discussed most. People got used to daily arguments with each other. It is impossible to reach the compromise without disputing at first because every man to his taste, as the proverb says. Arguments are close to commercial somehow, and some people make them useful for themselves. Actually there is nothing bad in expressing the own opinion, but it is important not to be carried away much; otherwise, arguments become harmful for the human’s nervous system (Kempf 154).


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