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The cost of education is overshadowing the benefits that an individual gains. For a long time, many people have been thinking that educational attainment is too valuable so that an individual is not supposed to claim that it is expensive (Farelli, 118). This is because such people believe that in the end, they will receive a degree and most importantly, a stable job. Others believe that attainment in academic fields guarantees one just some pieces of paper that are not worth spending time on (Bruner, 39). Such people argue that there is no need to spend from fifty to about two hundred dollars for a degree or a certificate.

The increasing cost of higher education is raising more questions than giving answers. The value of a student’s continuing education after high school is becoming something of interest not only to policy makers but also to many students (Vaizey, 57). Majority of people tend to wonder whether to continue with higher education or to seek an employment after completing high school education. The opportunity cost of making a choice either to spend thousands of dollars on college or seek a full time job is on the rise. The issue is even more serious if the student comes from a poor background (Vaizey, 79). Such families fear risking their little money on college or higher education. Looking for additional money to pay college tuition fees becomes an unnecessary burden for such families. This leads many people to asking whether higher education is certainly necessary, if it causes such poor families to continue having financial constraints.



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This issue of increased cost of education has received a lot of attention from various stakeholders. Some of the concerned people include even college lecturers. To determine whether this is really an issue in education, I had a short interview with a senior lecturer from the Adams state university. He is involved in the college’s administration.

Me: is there any issue that is facing education?

Lecturer: yes.

Me: can you please tell me more about this issue?

Lecturer: there are many issues that are facing education in our country. One of such

Issue is the rising cost of education. Many people are worried whether it is still worthy to continue spending more on college education.

Me: and how is that an issue?

Lecturer: many people are opting to join the job market with high school education. This in the long run may make the country to be short of skilled manpower necessary to run the economy.

Me: is there any solution to this issue?

Lecturer: the government is putting up a mechanism so that the cost of education is brought back to manageable levels. The government is also conducting sensitization on the importance of higher education.

Me: thank you for sparing me some of your time.

In order to evaluate and determine whether college or higher education is worth investing in, it is necessary to clarify the benefits of having a higher education. Such clarifications will make people, who have some fear risking in higher education, realize that a quality education is worth investing, since it brings benefits both to the individual and the whole society (Bruner, 72).

In the recent past, due the high rate of unemployment in many countries, the significance of education to one’s life was underestimated. This does not mean that education is irrelevant. There are two reasons to obtain higher education. Firstly, it helps in training the human brain. A human being without education will have difficulties adapting to his environment. A quality education makes man concepts and ideas have a strong supporting background (Bruner, 94). Whichever theory that man conceptualize, it is articulated in a clear manner only when such an individual has a legitimate education. A person with education is, thus, in a position to make meaningful decisions. Someone may then ask, whether it suggests that persons who did not go to school do not make a decision or think. The answer to this question is negative. Individuals who have not accessed higher education still think, however, people who went to school are exposed to various or different ways of thinking (Vaizey, 165). This makes such people make sound decisions based on reasoning and forethought.

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The second importance of education is that it helps the learner in receiving information from the external world. Higher education enables the student to learn more about various topics, such as social behaviors of people in different countries and their perception of life. College education can, thus, be said to be a potent tool for self enhancement. Subjects such as anthropology, history, international politics, sciences, and humanities help people in being more accommodative and sympathetic to other people’s beliefs, cultures, religions or races (Nicholson, 118).

According to the United States Census Bureau, people who hold degrees make an average of 40, 478 dollars per year. This is different to 22,895 dollars which is earned by individuals who are high school graduates (U.S census bureau, 47). This shows that having a college or a higher education increases the chances of one’s getting a well-paid job.

 Although it is difficult to realize the benefits of someone’s education at the beginning, it is worth for anyone with the need and capacity to access higher education to take full advantage of the chance given. In cases of families with poor background, they can always apply for bursaries from the government and colleges. Students, who benefit from such money, can repay it once they are employed (Nicholson, 121).

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Thus, it is evident that attaining higher education can help in filling up ignorant minds to produce positive changes. It is later transferred from an individual to the society, nations, and even the whole world.

It is also true to say that a quality higher education gives students confidence in their later lives. This is normally reflected when such students deal with public issues. Such students are able to enjoy an increased professional mobility (Farelli, 28). They can work at any corner of the world. Attainment of higher education also helps the beneficiaries in increasing their levels of saving, better decision making, and living a happy and a quality life. Students with higher education have also portrayed open mindedness, more rational behaviors, higher cultural level, and, most importantly, less authoritarian standpoints (Vaizey, 92). These benefits are passed on to subsequent generation.

In addition, college or higher education has proven to decrease prejudice among the students. The students are able to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Education also boosts a person’s knowledge of world affairs. There is also documented information connecting quality education to a good health (Farelli, 59).

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Until the world or people achieve education, they may never know how ignorant they have been. Therefore, anyone who wants to claim success must carry on with the pursuit of education so as to enhance his or her skills (Bruner, 74).


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