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Life is going on, and it is not a waiting room for something. At each of its stages a person is developing or degrading. I am finishing an associated degree in North Virginia Community College, majoring in Business Accounting. I do realize that my education can afford me some income with good job security, but I do not want to stop. I feel the strong desire for self- and professional improvement. I know that a bachelor's degree can wide my accounting, problem-solving skills, and improve my knowledge and abilities. It will allow me to develop interpersonal, communicative, teamwork skills and demonstrate the usage and assistance of new technology application in the accounting field. Having a bachelor’s degree will increase my chances for more lucrative job and will make me more productive and desirable worker.

To achieve my aim of becoming a professional accountant, I have chosen the University of Maryland. I adore its researching policy, which makes it one of the nation’s preeminent research universities and affirms its constant developing and forward moving. I aim to join students’ program with its regular problems and issues, discussions and researches. After my first visit to Maryland, I fell in love with its atmosphere and magnificence. I felt its friendliness and might everywhere. How can one stay lazy while having such a great library access? How can one be tired of studying at the McKeldin Mall? Maryland gives not just the greatest future opportunities, but it secures interesting, vivid and seminal students’ life, and this is the main reason why I want to be enrolled in it. I am deeply opined with the highly skilled and creative faculty stuff, and I want to be a part of core activities, and basketball team.


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