Free «Understanding Change» Essay Sample

To improve the way People Inc. provides its services to the disabled individuals, where it ensures that they lead magnificent lives; I would wish to implement a new project through which the organization will have to make some changes in the way it normally operates. The project will involve introducing some new structures to reduce the rate at which the firm loses its key employees, which has proved to be quite disastrous. The project will be focused on increasing the employees’ commitment to the firm by boosting their performance and interest in their jobs. It will involve offering regular training courses to both older and new employees to improve their participation and dedication to the organization (London, 2012). The result of this new project will highly depend on how the stakeholders are willing to offer their support and how they perceive the improvement of the organization.

The majority of the stakeholders in this firm is usually devoted and would be willing do anything to see the organization to improve the way it provides its services to the target group. This project will impact the stakeholders in different ways. Some will think of the project as a very important way of ensuring the firm’s growth - by keeping its employees up to date with new techniques that reflect changing expectations of their target groups. They will positively be impacted by the manner in which the project will help to make use of any of the firm’s idle resources in a meaningful way, thus boosting its position in the market. Moreover, this project will offer the stakeholders an alternative to channel finances from other unproductive projects within the organization and prioritize with this one, which is geared towards improving the skills of the employees – something which is very important to the firm. Those stakeholders who are able to understand the importance of the project will help by mobilizing other stakeholders to realize the need in order to support it.

The project will certainly face some negative perceptions from some stakeholders. There are some who will think that there is no need to change from the old order of the firm, and therefore, they will think that supporting this project is a waste of resources. These stakeholders are satisfied with the current position of the firm in terms of services and workforce and as a result they see no need to offer training courses to the employees. This is simply because they do not understand that employees are constantly changing – due to those who leave out of dissatisfaction. This fact negatively affects the firm’s performance.

The outcome of this project will definitely depend on the perceptions of the stakeholders about it and their willingness to offer the required support. Their contribution to the success of the project will be by providing the financial support required to train the employees and to offer various incentives, such as tours, which keep them committed to their duties. Moreover, they may help in the execution of my project by providing an enabling the environment within the organization and also suggest other procedures and techniques to ensure that the employees are satisfied with the initiative. However, the stakeholders may also affect the implementation of this project by failing to provide the financial support required. This could be due to their interest on other projects within the firm, in which case they would think of my project as irrelevant.

There are various advantages and disadvantages to the stakeholders out of making changes to the organization throughout my project. The advantages may include an increased morale among the employees, which increases their participation and willingness to stay in the firm (Worthy, 1999). Stakeholders will be able to ensure resources, which are used in ways that benefit the firm fully. The disadvantages include the fact that in case the project fails to produce the expected results, conflicts among the stakeholders may arise. Moreover, when employees work together for a long time in the same organization, it may result to overall unproductiveness of the firm.


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