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“Save a Life” is a group that has been established to address various issues in my community which affect the poor and the less privileged individuals. The main objectives of the group are to help people access education, good health care, and also promote good social relationships among all members of society. The group members usually meet regularly to share ideas and identify other critical areas that need to be focused on, and to identify the various stakeholders who are interested in offering their support. The group usually prepares project proposals to make their objectives known to the stakeholders, which act as a tool to solicit financial support and even attract other potential organizations that could be willing to partner with it.

The leaders of the group normally identify the specific location where their services are required. Strategies are then established with regard to the objectives that should be met, and close evaluation is done throughout the expected time frame to ensure that anticipated results are obtained. Some selected members of the group monitor the proceedings of the activities implemented and give reports on how the projects are being undertaken to the group for it to know whether operations go on as expected. As a result, the other members of the group are able to make recommendations and plans on what areas need to be rectified.



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This group has been formed to help in solving various problems that are affecting community members. On noticing how people struggle to have their children attain education and other services such as good health care, a number of individuals developed an idea to form a group that would help to find the necessary solutions. This group is situated in remote community where its residents receive little recognition from the government. In this community, people live in absolute poverty and are unable to cater for day to day basic needs. After the group was established, a number of schools and health care facilities have been developed and cases of infant mortality and low levels of education have been reduced.

The group members comprise of some of the successful people from the community who have managed to attain education and, therefore, wish to save other community members and ensure that the community has a bright future. Initially, people were only relying on agriculture as the only source to earn a living. Due to the constant climatic fluctuations, people could hardly get reliable farm products and were, therefore, relying on food donations from the government. After the group was formed, it has been able to attract support from several nonprofit organizations. The group has also empowered the residents to access other means of ensuring that they still produce foodstuffs through establishment of irrigation methods. As a result, residents are now able to earn a good living through their farm products, which has also enabled majority of them to start small businesses due to which they can afford to pay school fees for their children. Therefore, this group has proved to be very appropriate for the population in the community since it focuses on alleviating the well known problems in the community.

Goals and Objectives

The main objectives of this group are to reduce poverty, to increase the levels of education, and to ensure that every member of the community can cheaply obtain health care services. The goals have been boosted much by ensuring that the young members of the community can attain good education so that the community may have reliable members who can help other people in the future. Since the government seems to have neglected the area, the group has to work with other like-minded organizations that have the same intention of promoting societal wellbeing. The group members make various contributions and solicit support from other non-governmental organizations to help fulfill their objectives.

Practical Considerations

Save a Live” Community Group began with 25 members, but now its number has increased to 150; it has a well established framework to appoint its executives and invite new members who are willing to offer their support to the community. It has 20 directors who are elected by the other group members every year and who are obliged to oversee the numerous group activities and the recruitment of new members. New members usually pay 20 dollars for membership. The group normally holds its meetings twice every month to discuss the various issues that need to be addressed in the community and to get a report of how other ongoing projects are being accomplished. The meetings are normally held in the largest hall within the community. Group leaders are usually given opportunity to share progress on group matters and to give their views and ideas; the meetings take between four to six hours.

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To avoid any inconveniences and to ensure that by evening all the major issues are discussed, meetings usually begin at 9 a.m. Members are usually informed of the projects that have been completed and whether their implementation has achieved the set goals. They are also informed about the various nonprofit organizations that are willing to offer their support to ensure that other social amenities such as churches are available, something which is crucial in ensuring that young people grow morally upright (Lukefahr & Cheeke, 1990).


To ensure that the objectives are attained, the members present all their objectives, the expected budget, and the manner in which the activities are to be undertaken through project proposals. Within the proposal, the members indicate the amount which they have been able to raise for themselves and the required support from other individuals or groups willing to help in achieving the objectives. The proposal normally acts as tool to request other organizations to give them financial support or to partner with the group so as to be able to attend to all the community needs (Crews, 2007). After getting the appropriate support, the project implementation is initiated (for instance, schools are established), whereby the members in charge ensure that the project takes the stipulated time without any delays. All the projects are worked upon and after they are complete, residents are able to enjoy them at affordable costs. This would include the access to good health care, high levels of education within the community, and increased farm yields as a result of the irrigation schemes.

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In a bid to ensure that the objectives are attained as planned, evaluation techniques are undertaken. In this case, there is an on-going evaluation and an end-term evaluation. In the on-going evaluation, group members try to make sure that the execution of the projects geared towards attaining the objectives are operating within the planned budget and are time bound. This focus on objectives and time consciousness ensure that the objectives are realistically reached without any delays (Poh et al, 2001). The end term evaluation helps the group members identify other objectives that can be addressed in future by understanding the challenges that are encountered and the appropriate measures that need to be taken. Once these activities are evaluated, the objectives are achieved smoothly since every group member can see the relevance of the activities being implemented to meet their goals (Summerfield et al, 2002).


The activities of this group are very important to the community. Through the group, the community has been able to live more comfortably by being able to attain various services such as education and good health care. For the group to remain relevant, its leadership should be honest to avoid any corruption cases that may lead to the mismanagement of the funds supposed to help in undertaking the activities intended to improve community wellbeing. In addition, all the group members should have their voices heard in the group in order to avoid cases of dissatisfaction, which would lead to break up. In addition, group members should be educated on proposal writing such that they can individually come up with proposals that could be very appropriate to the circumstances facing the society. 

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Before any activity is begun, the group members should ensure that they have all the necessary materials. This is because prior planning regarding the costs of setting the various amenities and their completion times should be made to ensure timely accomplishment of objectives and to minimize the negative effects of any delays. This should be addressed right on the initial stage. Moreover, group meetings to discuss any new issues together with the on-going activities should be held within the stated schedule. During group discussions, each member should be given an equal opportunity to contribute since the members should be equal. This ensures that some people do not dominate the discussions, something which might lead to sidelining of other members. If all members have their say, every one of them will embrace the decisions reached since they will be viewed as democratic rather than based on few people’s whims. The implementation of these recommendations will increase the effectiveness of the organization as it pursues its core objectives.


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