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Stephen Colbert expresses his strong opinion of the state of affairs in the United States of America through his book, “America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness we never Weren’t”. In a strong and courageous way, Colbert takes the opportunity to let his heart out fully through this piece of writing about his own country. In introducing his thematic subject, he implies that the United States stands as a broken nation. He further asserts that the future of the American people is now a mortgage of China. It shades light on the truths that many other Americans persevere with, holding it back in the way of demonstrating pride in their motherland.

Using comic intonation, satire and ironical remarks, Stephen Colbert dramatically narrates the economic issues of the country with extraordinary creativity. For instance, it is sheer mockery to the country’s administration when he says that United States’ health care policy is the best in the world, is its exclusive nature. He points out that it discriminates against the common citizens in favor of the elite. Another fascinating bit is the idea that the United States’ growing into an agricultural power is a result of the Unpaid African Internship initiative.

Colbert seriously talks about real issues affecting the American people, but in a funny way. He reminds people of disturbing unaffordable health care that need reforms, and the sluggish economic recovery process. He also takes reminds people of the United States position on the global scene as a super power, by pointing a finger at China’s rapid economic progress and its increasing influence on the global stage.

Stephen Colbert understands the sensitivity of the issues he discusses. He opts to employ humor as a cooling mechanism for people who may read the book and understand its main points. The book, “America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness we never Weren’t”, is interesting, informative and a masterpiece of a creative mind.


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