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Everything in the world has an opposite side. The Christianity is no exception. There are angels and demons. They are the opposite beings with different purposes and roles. Angels are God’s creatures who serve to the goodness. They are kind and positive. Although, demons are also the creatures of God, they are those who turned their back from Him and joined the evil side of the world. That is why, they have the negative features.

Angels are the spiritual beings created by God to serve. They have tremendous power and act as God’s messengers and heralds. The Bible describes how they serve people.

The New Testament also says that this service of spirits, sent to protect those people who inherit salvation. Jesus testified that angels are in charge of the little kids, and they always see the face of God. Thus, the concept of “Guardian Angel” is based on the Bible.

Except the Angels who serve, there are also archangels who are the princes of angels, for instance, Michael. The scripture indicates that they may represent a whole nation.

Although, nobody knows for certain how angels do look like, the Bible tells about their appearance. In the 1st chapter of the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, it is said of a vision in which in front of the prophet appeared a group of angels. They were so holy that appeared as the light of the flame from the middle of the fire. These creatures were like people, but they had four wings and a few faces. They also may have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Isaiah, there are mentioned angels, called “seraphim”, which had six wings. The other kind of angels is called “cherubim”. Apparently, the cherubim are in the presence of holiness of God himself, and on the lid of the ark of the covenant of their wings formed the throne of God.



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Angels are beautiful and majestic creations and they are not similar to the “angels” in the form of plump babies in Renaissance art. Their power is so great that one angel could overnight destroy 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. Their presence causes such awe that those to whom they are, come to estimate the consternation or temporarily deprived of their senses.

In the everyday life, angels are present near the people all the time. The term of the “Guardian Angel” is so close, obvious, and many times proved. We always hear “he was born with the silver spoon in the mouth”, but these events when people rather say this phrase are those when the angels protect people from accidents and disasters. Angels are all around, and it is easier for them to help kind people who try to serve God. They are also eager to help others who have lost their path of goodness, but the problem is that the evil side pushes angels away.

Demon is a fallen angel, who used to be the chief angel. Once he rebelled, he engaged in a rebellion many other angels. After the rebellion against God, they had to leave the heaven. These angels became demons or devils. When the angels reach the heights of spirituality, at the same time demons fall deep in hate, evil, and all sorts of perversions. Demons seek to torture people, to master them and divert away from God.

Although, lust, drunkenness, gluttony, and magic are primarily the features of sinful passions, they may be also the result of demonic influence on the people’s lives. I am convinced that roughly amoral sexual preferences, in particular pedophilia and sadomasochism have demonic roots. Similarly, schizophrenia is a mental illness but may also be possibly caused by an obsession with Satan.

As well as the angels and archangels have a different hierarchy, the demons have “principalities and powers.” Probably, some individual demonic princes host in New York, Detroit, St. Louis and other cities. In each city, a certain type of sin dominates. In one, there is a thriving homosexual; in the other there is the irrepressible lust, in the third – witchcraft and spiritualism. Like the city, the demonic power has covered the whole nations.

In the unseen world, there is a struggle between the faithful messenger of God and the horde of demons. Inside the wonderful divine order through the prayers of His people, God limits the power of demons and let angels curb their forces. The Book of Daniel describes the struggle between the Archangel Michael and the demonic “Prince of Persia.” Christian believer who has the Holy Spirit has the power over any demons. When Jesus sent His disciples out to preach, he gave them power and strength over the enemy. This is Jesus’ authority over Satan’s power. When the disciples returned, they talked about exorcism. A true Christian has unlimited power over demons and are supported by angels, but this power can not even be compared with glory and power that awaits us in heaven.


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