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Michael Connelly is a well-known American writer of novels that were largely investigative and others based on crime fiction. He was born on July 21, 1956 in Philadelphia but later moved to Florida. He decided to be an author while attending the University of Florida after discovering the works of Chandler Raymond. Michael majored in journalism while in the University of Florida. After completing his university education, Michael worked at newspapers in several locations including Florida, Lauderdale and Daytona Beach where he wrote about crime in relation to police among others. He later became a crime reporter for Los Angeles Times. Among his first novels after crime writing was The Black Echo which was partly based on a true crime story that had happened in Los Angeles. The novel featured LAPD detective named Bosch Hieronymus and Mickey Haller a criminal defense attorney and went on and won the Edgar award for best first novel by the mystery writers of America. From then Michael has had a fascinating career in writing having done several award winning novels that include The Black Ice, The Last Coyote, Angels Flight, Void Moon, A darkness More Than Night and The Concrete Blonde. Blood Work was later adapted to a movie released in 2002 while A Darkness More Than Night was named one of the best books of the year by Los Angeles Times. Other novels released by Michael are City of Bones named book of the year by New York Times and Chasing the Dime named one of the best books of the year by Los Angeles Times. Lost Light, Narrows, The Closers, The Lincoln Lawyer and Crime Beat are other novels and stories done by Michael. The Lincoln Lawyer was Michael’s second novel to have a movie adaptation released in 2011. Amongst his best works is The Brass Verdict released in 2008 and made a debut at number one on The New York Times best seller list.


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When beginning a novel, the story is not always clear but Michael has an idea where it is headed. His writings often reference world events that might not be considered as world changing but are of personal interests to Michael.

In his continuation of Harry Bosch novels, Michael shows fresh sides to an old character in his novel The Drop despite a plot that calls for less action. In The Drop, Harry Bosch an LAPD has been given from which his retirement will be due. Bosch wants more sternly than ever before to which he wakes up one morning and gets two cases. Working with the Open Unsolved Unit, he begins investigation a murder case after new tests on old evidence. In a case of rape, it is discovered that the DNA from a 1989 rape and a murder matches a 29 year old. Questions then arise weather it was a case of an eight year old or probably some games had been played in the new regional crime lab where the latter would have compromised all lab’s DNA cases that were currently in court. Bosch and his partner find themselves pulled onto another higher profile case where a city council mans’ son jumped, fell or was pushed from seventh floor hotel building window. Longtime Bosch nemesis Irving demands that Bosch should handle the investigation. After persistently pursuing both cases, Bosch makes two unsettling discoveries that are a political conspiracy that goes back to the dark history of the police department and a killer operating mysteriously in the city for three decades.

This entry by Michael Connelly hardly fails to deliver considering his haunted quality which has been one of his chief fascinations in his series. However, both the character and author shy away from some big issues thereby the novel ends up not being truly good to the last bit. When asked about his writing process Michael asserted that it was dependent on what area he was in the series. He said it is about momentum and one can get that momentum and keep it. He claimed that he gathers characters, pieces of dialogue and situations. He continued that it starts very minimalistic, then a few hours a day then many hours.


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