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In her book Their Dogs Came with Them, Viarmontes wrote about the hard life of a few young people. She described how possessed they were to earn some money. The characteristics of Ana provided in the part, depicted her as a full-of-purpose woman that did not pay attention to difficulties.

Ana was described in the following way: “She walked with purpose, invested with a plan for the night” (264). Not only she was goal-seeking, but, once she made up a plan, she strived to succeed in its performance. She was “invested with purpose” that had a financial basis. Therefore, being compelled to struggle for her future, she prioritized financial goals, and when she had a possibility to earn some money, Ana was full of reason and purpose not to lose the chance.

Further, Viarmontes described a nasty night that preceded the day when Ana had to get the part-time job: “To stay awake was to keep moving, sharklike”. As she was out and did not have a possibility to come home, she remained under the open sky, being awake and exposed to the bad weather. She did not have a possibility to sleep, because she needed to come to her employee in time and could not miss the opportunity to get a paid work or assignment. Therefore, she needed to act like a shark in the ocean.

The comparison was very successful, because, at first, Ana, like the fish, had to move incessantly to find her “prey” in the “ocean of people” where she could rely only on herself. Not only she wanted the money, but it meant a chance for her. She was quick, calm, and sure, though “the prey” only loomed in the morning. Secondly, to move “sharklike” also meant not to fall asleep and miss her luck.


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