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The Night Watchman's Occurrence Book

This unique story revolves around a record book kept by the night watchman and the manager. Initially statements made seem to reflect on the past, are vague and boring, subsequently the dialogue brightens the story by making it lively.

The story reveals an element of racism. The uneducated new night watchman is instructed to record everything that happens and he does so in a haphazard manner though one can visualize what is happening. The night watchman is unable to comply with the inconsistent requests of his incompetent manager which leads to a conflict between the two.

The replacement of the manager does not indicate the end of the story but rather the beginning of a similar cycle. The story points out the need for clear communication between the senior staff and their subordinates based on adherence to ethical issues necessary to facilitate meaningful communication. People need to accept each other despite their differences (Naipaul, 2002).  



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The Eye Opener

The plot is well put to explain the traditions of the Puerto Rican people and the characters well selected to bring out the theme of feminism. We are told of a man with 38 children who must act against government interference to safeguard the interests of the women of that society.

The reference to skin color does not mean that there is racism but rather an open minded society with few taboo restrictions when it comes to discussing such issues. Vega stories establish the existence an order of things in all relationships where men are subjugated by women. This element of feminism lessens the role played by men traditionally.

The female counterparts in the relationships are successful in bringing men under total subjugation through cruel means pointing out to the prevalent case of feminism. This short story shows the positions held by the women in the relationship.


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