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I have found the idea behind David Carr's ‘Night of the Gun’ as both intriguing and sympathetic. The story is about a simple man, who becomes helpless to his addiction to drugs and alcohol for most of his life. The fact that he was unable to recall his past experiences was an ‘eye-opener’ for him. For instance, when he realized that he completely forgot about the incident with a gun (hence the title of book's title) (Page 43-52). When I read that part I was drawn by his words and could not help myself but to sympathize with him. From that point, he decided to become an investigative reporter with the purpose of finding out as much as he could about his earlier life.

As stated earlier, I really liked the concept of the book and there were no difficulties regarding understanding the theme of the book, which is the most pleasing aspect of the book. However, there were a number of things that I did not like about the book. For instance, I found the book to be too long and had a lot of repetitions (Page 87-98, 153-69, 218-24) in my opinion the books lacks depth and the style of the narration has come across to me as unauthentic. Perhaps the reason for the chosen style of writing was to create a thrilling ambiance, but I did not feel that it worked very well.

I liked the theme of the book, but I had difficulty understanding the purpose of the book. At times, I felt as if he was trying to draw attention to ways memories can cause deception. On the other hand I also felt that its purpose was to narrate the harms of using alcohol and drugs. On top of it was filled with annoying one- lines, such as, “what a lost opportunity.”

In conclusion, I found it very easy to follow the theme and the story narrated in the book but I failed to understand the exact purpose of the book. Ultimately, I was glad to read that Carr was successful in coming out this rough patch in his life but I do not rate the book very high.


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