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Modern Language Association is a citation style that is normally used when writing articles in the field of the Humanities. Professionally, academic writers are required to conform to the set guidelines of citation and reference using MLA format. On the other hand, this idea becomes totally different when it comes to ordinary writing without adherence to professional writing etiquettes. As a matter of fact, most of the people are not familiar with the requirements of professional academic writing.

The approach I use when writing a research paper is first to settle on one topic and then narrow it down as much as possible. Sometimes, I might not be familiar with a topic and therefore, I get a variety of topics, from which I will choose the best one. The best topic is picked from a pool of many others by considering certain factors such as how interested I am in the topic, and how much actual evidence I can find on it. Once I have decided on a topic, and I started looking for evidence on it. I have found most of my sources online. After sifting through all kinds of evidences and deciding on what is appropriate for the essay, I looked for the ways that I could use to break up the intended research to make it easy for the reader to understand.



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One of the notable features of my approach is that it concurs with what the handbook proposes concerning laying out an outline even before writing a thesis statement. I find this very helpful because one not only gets to visual process what he is going to write but it also helps in developing a strong thesis statement. After formulating an outline and strong thesis statement, I start to write my paper. I always like to find good evidence and quotes. Also, I find it useful to base my evidence off the quotes. This helps with verifying the sources that I have used in the essay. I have noted MLA handbook as a very helpful resource and it seems like my approach was almost similar to what the handbook recommends. Perhaps, this can be due the fact that I had used the book as a guide earlier. When I first started writing research papers in high school this handbook would have been very useful, although I did not actually think I was a bad writer until college where I found that my writing skill were wanting. After taking Kiefer’ class and using this handbook for the first time I have found that my writing skills and grades have significantly improved.

Response to the Comment

What I have realized after going through the comments in the discussion board is that there is a common trend on how people write their research papers, although there are a few notable differences. Generally, students write different sections of the paper separately without following a sequential order. However, the MLA Handbook suggests a number of steps that implemented once, will be helpful in improving writing skills for students and other people who use the book. Since I have already learnt how to correct mistakes that are commonly committed, I recommend the MLA Handbook to others so that they can also have improvements in their approaches for writing research papers.

A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright

A short history of progress is written by Ronald Wright in an attempt to comprehend where people are headed to. In the first chapter, Ronald uses a title ‘Gauguin’s Questions’ which was originally a title in one of the works by a certain French painter. He asks questions such as, where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

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Ronald focuses on the third question and tries to find out where modern man is headed to. According to him, the solution to the third question can be found by answering the first two. He argues that if people see and understand clearly what they are, and what they have accomplished, it is possible to identify how they ought to behave and how their conduct persists through many cultures over a long period of time.

Uniquely, Gauguin does not give answers to his questions; instead, he offers an artistic reaction to these questions that bother every person. Apparently, the modern world experiences a reduction in the way religious traditions were regarded many centuries ago. People no longer regard religion with the same weight as they used to do sometimes ago. The questions gave way to a world of anonymity and at the same time triggered thoughts, which reflected on the reasons why things are the way they are.


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