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The Biography of Noble Drew Ali, "The Exhuming of a Nation" was initially written as a study channel for the offspring of former United States' slaves. The work is framed to bring them out of the chasm of functional slave brand of blacks, Negro, and colored people into the splendid radiance of nationhood that would join them up to the human relatives of states. The liberty lessons contained in this book are exposed to the academic world and in the public realm as a conservatory of Noble Drew Ali's celestial plea for help from all citizens, for the first time. With widespread flow, the Biography brings about a radical elevation in the contemplation pattern among the fallen Sons and Daughters of the Americas. From this stage of self-learning, they will ascend from the colonial carousel of ex post facto material names into the unlimited wisdom, independence, and affluence of a clean and untainted nation of people. This homeland of Holy citizens has been prophesied since early times and will manifest through the karamic gathering of the new globe array in the west.



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There is but one right and heavenly mode for the misnomered blacks, colored, Negro people, and African Americans to be liberated and that may be to come together as one family unit, bearing one factual liberated national name of their ancestors. This order only is an extreme necessity for them to be themselves; a sparkling and untainted Nation. They must create their own Moorish American Government, with a celestial Constitution de jure, declares their sovereignty before the nations of the world. This will be wholly predestined by the powerful God of the Moorish, through His sacred Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.

The writer of the book, hence challenges each person, group of persons, states or governments of the globe; particularly the United States, International Court of Justice (World Court), and United Nations to legitimately refute the particulars of this book, through Noble Drew Ali's ethics. The constitution and legal cutback authority to strengthen the Moorish Americans is the solitary factual, legitimate, complete, and irrefutable "straight route for their liberty, failure to which they shall all remain confined by sticking to the names that dupe them to slavery. The contents of this book, mainly the accurate words and inscription of Noble Drew Ali, stand elevated to be self apparent that no man can be a, black, colored, negro or Ethiopian since man, Moorish Americans, is created in the image and following the wish of God, Allah.

Today, the phrase "black" interprets into elevated yielding business assets, The United States most suppressed Gross state Product and is one of the major harmless staple for economical savings found in the country's history of take-over and loot. "Black" has not only become suitable amongst the ex-slaves; to the "black" spiritual, the name has been given self endorsed authority to surpass through periods of "colored persons" and "negroes" into present's most gifted of self-declared "African Americans." However, on the praise side of state, these previous slave labels means naught ... completely nothing! In 1913, Noble Drew Ali cautioned, "The carnal traditions of man do not change the quality of truth." Lawfully, historically and exquisitely the meaning of the phrase "black" has never been altered. Science, as the book explains, regards "Black as death." The supreme secret of denationalization, forever exhibited by western society, has nowadays been uncovered of its legal and corporate costume.

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Nonetheless, while the writer's unrequited challenge grows continually successful, there will be those who have worked beneath the false identifications of Blacks, Colored, and Negro people and African Americans who will expand their last times of gratification in quest of asylum in a rejection that we are certainly predestined Nation of People. Either this exceptional, universal challenge will further expose Moorish Americans as a sovereign Nation in the sovereign authorities of their self-rule or unending property of the United States as presumed in its fourteenth improvement. The book clearly indicates that no man can be enslaved and liberated at the same moment, he must be one, or the other ... be himself, liberated or belonging to a new man.

Before lawful responses are brought into view, the writer asks all valuable opponents to examine the enclosed Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by The United Nation's International Community Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Each Nation knows these laws; Tribe and native Peoples of the Earth yet have someway evaded the only people detested from the Human Family. The Declaration also clarifies why Noble Drew Ali said, "They (who recognize rule) will be pleased to see me deliver you out of darkness into the wonderful light."

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The books illustrate that the troubles of today's alleged Blacks would never be determined until Noble Drew Ali is recognized as their liberator. All readers are likely to refute the contents of this book, particularly the announcement Proclamation of The Moorish Americans, as the only factual way chosen in the course of fairness, for their liberation ... "then disclose your superior works to the globe as I have." All those who agree to the writer's challenge are hurdled purely by the words, works, and acts of their own conception. They cannot employ any of the saving authority, laws, signs, expressions, names, or testimonials of Prophet Noble Drew Ali as set down in the volume set of The Biography of Noble Drew Ali "The Exhuming of a Nation."

The above requirement is a playing field which has been staged by the works a secret host of Noble Drew Ali Wanna-Be's. Since 1915, there have been hundreds of majestic individuals, father divines, daddy graces, chief ministers, messenger, and born-again-profits, with their sets, temples, tribes, orders and churches attempting to outshine the inspiring roles of Noble Drew Ali. The aim of their hard work has been to grab the power and grandeur unto themselves, which was ordained for Prophets. Their intention and wish, some with modest beginnings, were to dupe the unknowing humanity from knowing Drew Ali who is the solitary true redeemer of fallen humankind in the modern days. Realistically, they all have failed or are failing. The writer's worldwide challenge, in its sum, is indicated as Chapter 10 ends, The Polestar Chapter "The Exhuming of a Nation."


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