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Is Paris burning? This is a classical story which talks about the captivity of Paris during the last but one summer of the Second World War. The liberation of Paris is one of the inspiring events of the World War II and dramatic. The Book is so interesting being written in 1965 by  Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, as the story unfolds how Paris escape from the utter destruction by the force of Allied arms and the incredible grit. The reason for their spare was due to the determination, unbelievable courage of her citizens and the conscience of men sent by Hitler to burn her to ashes. The invasion of allied army at Normandy had broken through form the resistance and now operating freely in the western France. This book explores elaborative and structured Ball competitions in which contestant, adhering to a very specific theme which is the walk of life.

In chapter one the story is setting in France, which describe the arrival of pharaoh which is a merchant ship owned by Morrel and son. Dante's is the main character of the story .He is promoted to be the captain of the ship after the death of Leclere and Danglers' is jealous of this. In chapter two we are introduce to Caderousse who is friendly, fellow conspirator and the neighbor to Dante's. In chapter three we are introduce to Fernand a friend who wants to marry Mercedes. Unfortunate the beautiful woman loves hi m as a brother. Chapter four talks about the wedding feast which is interrupted by the soldiers who arrest the bridegroom, Dante's taking him away. In chapter five we are given some historical background of Napoleon and his supporters. Each and every chapter is well established and clear to read and understand.



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One of the main theses is American Ethnocentrisms, since American have no idea of what Orson Welles is taking about how if he asks the German General Chlotitz. If he is prepare to take the responsibility of destroying a thousand years of culture as said by Notre Dame and Saite-Chappelle. He has the reputation of destroying cities and that why Hitler gave him the job in the first place. Disobedience of the Fuhrer's order meant he was rejected by Wehrmacht veterans after the war, but he is the one who eventually saved Paris.

The book explores how it dealt with the issues of AIDs, poverty, Racism and Homophobia. It offers insight of lives, pride, the strength, humor and struggles of its subject to maintain and reduce the gap which existed between the rich and the White world. Venus Xtravaganza decide to become a sex worker, some shoplift clothing were chase out of there Homophobic parents. Another one was saving simply because to attend a sex reassignment surgery. The book excludes a diverse range of identities and gender presentations; this is evident from gay men to bunch queens to transsexual women.

Drag issues is presented as a complex performance of gender, race and class in which individuals can express their aspiration in many dimensions, their desires and ones identity. It addresses the Ball competitions in which contestants, adhering to a fashion models runway. They are judged on the criteria including the realness of their drags, the design and beauty of their clothing and their dancing ability. Many of the contestants are vying for trophies and representatives' of House of Chanel which serves as social group, performance teams and intentional families.

Regardless of the political strength one suspect was a victim of both the essential co-operation from the de Gaulle's government and the uniformly essential dollars from paramount  that does a good job of making the regularly shifting strategies and evermore chaotic events reachable while keeping the thrust up, but as with most spot-the-star WW2 epics, it's the vignettes that stick most firmly in the brain, a German fighter,  his uniform still smouldering, staggering away from a blown-up truck only to be ignored by a businessman blithely going to work as if nothing were happening. A female resistance worker delivering instructions for the uprising being offered a lift by an innocent German officer after her bike gets a puncture.

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French militia is  picking off Germans from their residence while the little old lady who lives there excitedly watches as she drinks her coffee. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Marie Versini crawling across a road with their bikes to avoid snipers while a gay man walking his dog watches, before going on to liberate the seat of government without a shot being fired because the civil servants there habitually do what they're told by anyone in authority. An armored unit getting a dozen different directions to their destination by Parisians, SS men casually looking through Von Choltitz's papers out of force of habit and the general suddenly finds him alone in a restaurant as the bells of Paris ring out for the first time after a long time.

Book Review

Did the book support or contradict what you read in your textbook on the same subject?

The biggest complaint about this movie was that it was confusing - well, yes, but they were confusing times, which this movie brings out very well. But to the French a lot of the characters like Colonel Rol and General Leclerc are legendary. No real explanation of who they were and what they did is needed, like Patton would be to an American audience. So you really do have to know some of the background already. But for an American audience it is a lot easier if you don't try to keep straight who's who among the Resistance as long as you get the point, which IS clear, that there were several groups at odds with each other in the days before the Liberation and finally they were able to force the hand of the Allied generals and get them to change their strategy (pages 214-226).

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Did you detect any biases on the part of the author?

Before I comment I should note that I haven't read the book nor am I that familiar with figures in the French Resistance. One thing that I did notice was that the portrayal of the Nazis in this film wasn't quite as stereotypical as in most World War II movies. Of course Hitler has to be a rug chewing psychotic but many of the other Germans were actually depicted quite humanly. Gert Frobe (Goldfinger) is very believable even sympathetic as the General in charge of Paris. On another note the star casting works in the case of Welles (Nordling) and is pointless in the case of Kirk Douglas and Anthony Perkins. All in all a fair war picture, 6/10.

What was the author's background and why did he or she write the book?

The writers background was mainly the highlight the current issues and effects of wars in the current society. The book brings out clearly theme of oppression to the minority in the society and how they unite together in fighting inequality in the society.  The writers put across clearly how our legal system is manipulated by larders with self interest and they use the Security forces in attaining their objectives. Hitler uses the German forces in fighting the enemies who are not real enemies but the innocent ones in the society. The soldiers are executing the innocent people we have no role to play in the war. This brings out clearly the cry of a common civilian who suffers because of the nation's leaders striving to attain their selfish benefits without considering the effects to the entire society.

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How in your opinion could the book have been improved? You must be specific and keep in mind there are NO perfect books.

If at times this feels less like the classic it could have been and more like the best books hat could be made under the political and financial circumstances, it's still an impressive and occasionally compelling recreation of a unique moment in history that deserves to be at least a little better known and better regarded than it is. The motion picture displays an interesting script by Gore Vidal and Francis Ford Coppola, based on Larry Collins and Dominic Pierre novel who give you a much better perspective about role each Resistance faction played in the Paris liberation. The picture was deservedly nominated to Academy Award for best Art Direction, and best cinematography by Marcel Grignon, though didn't achieve any. The movie is professionally directed by Rene Clement, though sometimes is confuse and contains some flaws.

Did you enjoy reading the book? Why or why not? Would you recommend it to others?

The book is rotating on both sides as the plot has both themes that have made it more common. The book highlights a number of themes that occur in our daily lives. It highlights the life of all sorts of people from the ordinary to the noble ones, the likes of Marie, Alexandre who is forced to stand as an ant-communist member who is then harassed by the superior German force. The book seems enjoyable through the dramatic tales from the belief of practices of the two experienced and talented journalists. The part covered by Collins and Lapiere bring a dramatic scene that lives the reader with joy as he/she feels being involved through the scenes like violence, smoke, gunfire, amidst the tumult...and the bravery and self-sacrifice of the Parisians.

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You agree or disagree with the book's conclusions? Why?

I do agree with the conclusion of Livingston as she is smart not to lessen her subjects to nearly bringing out its meaning easily. She makes her performers to manipulate their images, fetishes and iconography of fashionable cultures as highlighted in stylish form of humor. She makes us realize the comedian elegance and the strange perception of her approach in bringing out her chosen characters clearly. She brings out clearly all her intended themes to her readers with a lot of charisma that lives the reader mesmerized. She winds the books living her audience in suspense as they are thinking of what happens next after that scene at the end.


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