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The book Eragon is fictional and based on a fantasy world written by Christopher Paolini in 2002. It tells the story of how a young boy of fifteen years came across a sapphire stone and changed the destiny of his people. The setting of the book is on a place called Alagaesia. This is the said land where Eragon who is the main character comes from. The land is ruled by King Galbatorix. King Galbarorix was once a dragon rider, but his dragon was killed by urgals and was denied another dragon by the council. Though the story we are made aware that long ago that dragons were involved in a partnership with other elite dragon riders and together they kept peace in the land.

Because of King Galbatorix's shrewd nature, he along another group of thirteen riders betrayed the other dragon riders. There was a great war where all dragons were killed. And for many years dragons were believed to be extinct. King Galbatorix inherits the character of a selfish ruler. Galbatorix is among the very few if not the only one with a dragon. He staged a plot where he witnessed all dragons killed apart from his dragon.



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The main character of the novel is Eragon from which the book derives its name from. Eragon is a fifteen year boy just a year away from manhood. Though little is mentioned about his parents, the book tells us he lives with his Uncle Garrow and cousin Roran in a village known as Carvahall. Given his adventurous spirit, one day while hunting in the Spine, Eragon sees a polished blue stone in front of him. He picks it up and thinking that its of great value, he proceeds to the market where he wants to sell it to make some money. However, he is unsuccessful in selling it. He keeps it and later it hatches to a baby dragon. Eragon being very inquisitive, he goes ahead and questions the elderly in the town about the dragon riders.

Brom, an elder in the village engages him in a deep conversation. It is from this talk that he goes ahead and names the dragon Saphira. To avoid any suspicion, he decides to raise the dragon in secret. King Galbatorix sends out his men in search of the dragon egg, Saphira the dragon and Eragon are forced to escape with fear of the unknown. His uncle Garrow is killed and the house that they lived in destroyed. Saphira the dragon inherits the character of a very loyal and faithful servant. She is able to obey her master Eragon and answer to his every call. She is soft spoken and full of wisdom. Though a beast as other would call her, she was gentle and cautious of everyone who approached her.

Eragon becomes a dragon rider through his bond with Saphira. Because of the anger inside him, Eragon seeks revenge on the Razac. The trio embarks on a journey in search of Razac. It is in this journey that Eragon is molded into a warrior. Eragon learns a variety of arts such as sword fighting, magic and the ways of the dragon riders from Brom. Another important point that could have been left out was though Brom was a good story teller of the ways of the dragon riders; he was also a dragon rider. Though Brom had hidden his identity from him. It is from here that we learn of Brom's secretive nature and dark past. He is ashamed of his past and therefore he is willing to see Eragon and Saphira succeed in their quest no matter the sacrifice. We also understand why he persistent in requesting to accompany the two. This is because as they transverse through several cities, the see how the empire is harming both the land and its people. As they pass through the town of Teirm, Brom makes a decision that the Razac resides in Drasleona.

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On their way to Drasleona, the trio is ambushed by the Razax. It is here that they are rescued by a stranger. The stranger is known as Murtagh and Brom is seriously injured and succumbs to his injuries and dies shortly after. It is just before Brom dies that he also reveals the secrets of his pasts. This in turn shocks Eragon. Eragon further learns that Brom was a dragon rider and had a dragon, which shared Saphira's name; however, it was killed many years ago. The stranger in their midst just like Brom also has deep secrets of his own. Murtagh is the son of Morzan, who was the first of the thirteen Frosworn. He was kidnapped after the battle with the Kull. Murtagh has a scar on his face, which he was scared by his father Morzan. His father Morzan saw Murtagn as a disappointment. This is because Murtagh stood for what was right which was contrary to his father and his ways. Murtagh is a viewed as hero in the book as he is able to rescue Eragon not only once but twice.

A new alliance is formed. The new alliance is composed of Eragon, Murtagh and Saphira. The adventure continues and now they are in search of the hidden leagues of the Varden. The Varden is a strong rebel faction which Brom had mentioned about in their journey. It is on the way to the Varden that Eragon has a dream of a beautiful elf, all of which feature her in great suffering and pain. Since Eragon is known to be very impulsive and makes decisions based on emotions, he decides to go and rescue her. Eragon is captured and imprisoned in the same prison as the elf. The elf is known as Arya, the one who made the egg disappear after she carried it for a very long time in hope that one day it would hatch and a savior would arise among them.

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She is portrayed as being optimistic that they will soon go back to the days of the dragon riders where hope, peace and prosperity would be returned to the land. Eragon is captured and imprisoned and Murtagh and Saphira stage a rescue. Eragon escapes with Arya. During the escape, Eragon and Murtagh battle with the shade. Given the fact that a shade can walk freely in the land, disturbs Eragon deeply and he suspects that king Galbatorix is planning something terrible. They head out in search of the Varden to prepare for the unknown.

They manage to find the Varden which is hidden deep within the Beor mountains. It is here in the Varden that Eragon learns the pact between the dwarves, the elves and the Varden and how Saphira's egg was magically teleported to the Spine. It is here that the battle begins. The Varden, the elves and dwarves are encountered by a huge number of Urgals. Eragon faces the Shade and Durza whom he had recently encountered. He kills him and though he receives a serious disfiguring wound. The urgals fight amongst themselves and it gives the Varden a chance to conter-attack.


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