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The American Airline is noted to be among the primary organizations that were enabled to be the carrier of the nation’s name. Hence, to live up to their reputation, the American Airline is up to the challenge of providing the services needed by the people and demanded by their target clients. This is probably the reason why they also try to create the best products and services made available for the public to appreciate. In this paper, an understanding of the major product and service offerings of the said company shall be discussed. THE PRODUCTS The American Airlines’ primary product and service is of course offering flight travels to clients. These flights are subdivided into domestic and international flights. The domestic flights include Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. Meanwhile international flights go far from America towards the six other continents of the world where connecting flights are also offered for the company to be able to give assistance to more clients in the market. While these flights are already a worthwhile service, the said flight also offer the relaxation needed by the passengers during every travel time. These relaxing options include snack and drink offers. The passengers are allowed to pick from the packages of flight wherein their tickets could already includes snacks or they could even choose to simply buy on board the different snacks of their choice.

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There are also numerous travel packages that American Airline opens to the public. These packages though are given confirmation through their company alliances that are in charge of assuring that the clients or the passengers get the right service that they deserve. Along with these, there are also circumstances when the airline intend to launch programs that gives away several gift certificates and travel packages that are designed to give regular clients the convenience and assurance that their patronage of the company’s offered services and products goes noticeably appreciated giving them better chances of comfortable air flight and satisfying vacations. On the souvenirs options, the company also offers several choices of items which their clients could keep for remembrance. This sector is rather considered a low-end source of income but it still generates a considerably fine source of revenue for the organization. The well crafted souvenirs made by independent craft designers also serve as a helping hand to the smaller organizations that are aiming to patronage the said airline company.

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Although the airline may have certain percentage of share on the sales of the said products, it could be noted that the higher rate of consideration when it comes to profit goes to the independent crafters. THE SERVICES Besides flight offerings, it is also noticeable that the airline offers parcel delivery and other item deliveries that need to be carried on in an international scope. The services included in this sector are that of the following: • Priority parcel service: this is a regular airmail delivery service that is in cooperation with the local parcel postal offices within destinations of the flight. Usually, these parcel deliveries are handled considerably for the convenience of the receivers. • Cargo core product: A cost effective process of shipment of several packages that are delivered to receivers in target destinations. • Specialty Shipments: this service allows the chance for the deliverance of several items that may not be shipped along with people. [Includes animal transfer, hazardous substance transfer]… Usually, services such as this one are appreciated by huge companies who are willing to pay for the entire trip of the plane that delivers their items. Along with these services comes the chance of each client to track the delivery of their items through online connections. This tracking option has been given way just now, along with the development of the internet connections around the globe. On time tracking is assisted through online support. With this particular service available, clients are assured that their deliverable packages would surely reach them on time. To be able to continuously hold high the reputation of the organization in providing on time shipment and delivery services, the airline allies with different organizations in the local areas where their packages are usually delivered. Through on time delivery systems check, each parcel, each package, each item is given high regard as a part of the service and nothing is left unattended to. Another newly developed service that the airline offers is the establishment of the weather forecasting system that they are using today. Of course, as air passenger transport vehicles, the organization needs to know firsthand on how to actually manage to see how the weather gets along with the flight schedules of the company. This weather forecasting though is now opened for public use through online and media presentations in news and other options of information for the public.

This is considered as yet the newest and most progressive project of the organization offered to the public. Assisted by state of the art weather forecasting materials, the airline is now able to have firsthand information if their flights need cancelation for the convenience of their clients. CONCLUSION The American Airline systems of public servicing are among the most important foundations of the company’s existence in the field of travel and transfer industries. Considerably, their attention on how the said services are given high importance makes them one of the most appreciated airlines not only in America but in the whole world as well. It is then undeniable that the continuous innovation taken into consideration by the product and services research team of the organization counts as one of the most important procedures taken into account by the company as they open their doors of service to the public. Believably, online procedures also allow them the chance to actually be connected with a larger scope of market in the world giving them an edge in online servicing procedures. True, the company shows how a small organization could actually grow to be a giant group that leads the industry through continuous development and progression of services and products offered to the public.


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