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The dichotomy of mind and body can be comprehended as the relation of soul and life, as without soul no existence of life can be redeemable same is with mid and body. The religious aspect describes it to the separation of body and soul. Actions performed by body are controlled by mind, thus, mid serve as server or controller of a being. Therefore, healthy mind keeps the body healthy and unhealthy mind create problems for body and mind.

Problems of Mind and Body:

The problems of mind and body are largely comprised on the mental processes and frequency compatibility between body and mind.

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However, this compatibility dependent on the capability of amygdala which performs the function of connection between mind and body. The information we get through our limbic system is processed by amygdala after this process perception perceived by us which can be sensational or emotional. This information ultimately causes to feel sensation that may be pleasant or unpleasant. So, mind is the most sensitive and important element of a human being’s body. Whenever, body plight in some problem except any poor health it will surely have link with the mental status.

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Realm of Mind and Consciousness:

There is only one thing which can distort or construct personality of a human being, it is mind and consciousness. The realm of mind and consciousness is very significant to maintain a healthy relation between mind and body. God have given the mind to think and perform the best. So, when some one does not have a healthy mind and consciousness, he could not be able to perform his best. As human being is crown of creation and God have given equal mind and consciousness ability to every human being. But, it depends on human kind that how he properly manage the realm of mind and limbic system.

How Does the Realm of Mind and Consciousness Relate To the Physical Body?

The realm of mind and consciousness has a critical relation with physical body. Mind is driver of physical body; for instance, when the driver of a vehicle does not have proper command to drive vehicle properly, vehicle will not run aptly. Same as vehicle mind and consciousness is driver of physical body, when mid performs well than all is all and when mind does not perform well the physical body will also not act well.

So, a healthy mind is the guarantee of a healthy physical body.

Is There Such a Thing as an Independent Mind that Transcends Physical Functions of the Body Through the Central Nervous System?

There is a limbic system in human brain which enables human being to think and perform. In the limbic system the most important and sensitive part is amygdala that facilitate the brain to process information and send instructions to the body. A good amygdala capability allows the common human kind to an intellect. So, a potent nervous system can only make an independent mind.


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