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When an exam is approaching, students become more stressed out because of the little time they have left to study and to recap everything they already know. Because of this, students try to experiment with the various ways to study in order to obtain the best results and to memorize as much as they can. The main idea of studying is to learn as much as possible in as little time as possible. The efficient usage of time is very different from one student to the other, which is why there are different ways in which students prepare for an example. Every student has a certain manner in which he or she can learn things easier. Some have a long lasting visual memory, others can remember things better if they hear them or if they say them out loud. This is why there are several categories of ways in which students prepare for upcoming exams.

The most common category of memorization techniques is the visual one. Many students use visual aids to help them study better. For instance, they create flash cards that condense some notions from the subject they need to learn. By going over them several times, they memorize the information that was written on them as well as the aspect of the cards and how they have arranged the text in them. This is a very efficient method, especially if the student creates the flash cards on his own.

Another very efficient visual method is the holistic learning. By using graphs and diagrams, the student may condense the main concepts of a course and add information on the basic frame. This way, every course is effectively synthesized and by the time of the exam, the student will be ready only to recap the information. One needs to remember that any complicated text can be transformed into a rather simpler graph with logic and patience.

The second most used category of study methods is the audio method. Some students find it easier to learn something if they hear other people talk about it. This is why many choose to participate to all the courses and memorize the information from class. Others find it useful to read the course out loud because hearing themselves talk about the subject helps them a lot when it comes to preparing for an exam.

The third category of methods to learn for an exam is the rewrite. When one has a large number of pages to learn for an exam, rewriting them has proven to be useful. The key to this method is to know exactly what to rewrite. The basic rule of the rewrite technique is to efficiently condense the information while writing it. It is not necessary to remove information, just the vocabulary that seems unnecessary. The thing is that by using arrows and small phrases, one can turn a difficult text into a very straightforward, approachable one. This is a method that is especially appreciated by those students who need to study a large volume of pages before an exam and cannot find the time. The main attraction of the technique is that while reading, a student may proof the text of unnecessary words and fully understand the meaning of the concepts. This way, after the text has been rewritten, the student only needs to recap it before the exam.

All things considered, there are multiple ways in which a student may learn before an exam. There is the visual method, the audio method and the rewrite method. However, no matter which method one may choose to prepare for an exam, there is an important fact to keep in mind. The key to being truly prepared for an exam is to be wise about organizing the time. Never crowd all the information you have to learn in the days before the exam, or worse, in the previous night. Furthermore, test all the learning techniques to determine which one is best for you. Every person has a different personality, therefore each one appeals to a certain method.


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