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Ethan Earle is a well built middle aged man with an eye catching moustache. You would think he is a magician. His long nose has been a subject of discussion among peers in his many life roles. In fact, some have pointedly joked that he could smell your thoughts! But that is as far as physical appearances go. The truth is that he is in fact an immortal super hero. He has special powers and has saved the world from disasters since time immemorial. In tis case, he has particularly saved the world from alien invasion nine times. He always carries around his “gadget,” a hi-tech multi purpose machine.

On this mission he has to obtain a spell from an ancient book called “Syllar.” The book is as old as are the spells there in. Up to now, scholars and scientists alike have not been able to read its unique language. This has made it a treasure and it is thus under maximum security in the British Library. Unknown to the world, the book contains a very strong final spell that will unite the nine missions he has worked on for two decades.

Syllar is final piece for the plan to be completed. The world has been threatened by alien invasion for over a century and everyone has taken it to be a myth or conspiracy. Ethan and his “masters” have tirelessly worked to salvage mankind from this invasion. It has been through their efforts that they have stopped nine previous invasion attempts. The Syllar will provide Ethan with the final spell which wills completely lockout the aliens from the earth. Ethan is capable of reading the Syllar due to his unique powers. However, he has to be as close as possible to the book: he has to breach the British Library maximum security.


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