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Most students joining colleges as fresher normally wonder want kind job opportunities are available to them in the course of their study. Students' interest in employment can be informed by different needs and aspirations. Some students require this information to be able to secure work and meet their special financial needs, or to be able to acquire work experience in their line of specialty. Others want to make some money on the side. Students can make informed decisions if they access this information early. Types of employment available to college students include regular part-time employment, work-study programs, tutoring, and graduate student assistantship. Each of these categories has its own guiding principles for eligibility.

Regular Part-Time Employment

It is a non-special program for those students who wish to work part-time for their own reasons, but do not qualify under work-study programs. Students make their own initiative of seeking employment within and without the college. Student employment office, which is available in many colleges, does not receive resumes and applications from students. All the same, students can register their profiles within the office and get update on on-campus jobs as well as outside the campus opportunities. Alternatively, students can seek employment on their own by applying outside of the campus. In both cases, students make their interviews arrangements, salary negotiations as well as working hour arrangements. Students who are hired get an opportunity to work within the campus for a predetermined number of hours per week; this is mostly 20 hours, but is not eligible for fringe benefits such as holiday.



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Work-study Programs

A work-study program caters for on campus part-time citizens and permanent resident students who demonstrate financial needs. Students’ financial needs determine their earnings. Emolument earned settles part of the college fee. Students under this program work for 20 hours per week. Job application and resume are submitted at the student admission office, which makes the necessary arrangement for the applicant. The principal objective of this program is to enable students with financial difficulties and afford their tuition fee in college.

Tutoring Program

It is a wide scope program, which incorporates the campus and corporate world. It is a program aimed at bestowing and nurturing students to a greater height of service to the nation. It is a premium service for the outstanding students. Corporate persons are requested to join with colleges and teachers, to nature young talents. Students, who demonstrate outstanding qualities in leadership and special talents, as well as good performance, are hired as tutors or role models. For a student to qualify under this program, he/she must be eligible under work-study program.

Graduate Student Assistantship

Under graduate student assistantship, graduate students are employed as tutors, researchers, teaching and non-teaching subordinates, on average 20 hours per week. Jobs under this program are posted under student employment office. Some students under this program are paid monthly, especially teaching and research fellows, while others bi-weekly. The program is sometimes called internship program, although it is not the same. Graduate Student Assistantship’s main objective is to give students job experience, where they make use of what they have learnt in college.


Ample information of available options in different campuses is important for making the right decisions. Students are able to know the programs they are eligible for and the opportunities that are available. All freshman students intending to seek employment in the course of their learning should consult with the student employment office for advice. It will give them enough time to plan for their part time employment ahead. Some programs require early application and hence early information is important. Alternatively, different institutions have different classifications, although most of the guidelines apply across the state.


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