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Comedies are those films that are created with a primary aim of providing viewers with a humor (Bohn, Stromgren). They entertain and bring amusement to the audience through exaggeration of actions such as speaking, dressing and action of the performers. They are in many cases termed as childish or immature, yet people across all ages find comic in them. Since they are developed and acted from a light heart point of view, they provide relief and entertainment. They have set the stage that they do not want to deliver serious messages, thus attracting more people. Stand up comedies are gaining popularity, and they are bringing the true nature of these films.

Adventure films are those that display new areas in people’s minds and world of fantasy. Such include science fiction and occasionally war films (Winston). They display the new areas with energy and enthusiasm. Many people wonder why these films are very popular despite being, at times, very unrealistic and impractical. Many people have, however, argued that they improve imagination and curiosity of those people who watch them.

Horror films are geared towards instilling fear and emotional reaction in the audience through the unnatural themes (Hantke). They may include thrillers, and fantasy films. The films raise emotions and some instill fears that disturb people later after watching them. People wonder why one would watch the horror that would later disturb is internal peace. However, people have realized that some people like the uncertainties and suspense that is developed in these films, thus becoming very entertaining to some people.

Drama films are created through the development of characters who closely deal with themes that are emotional (Bohn, Stromgren). The themes may include alcoholism, sexuality among others that affect people in their daily lives. Despite most of them being very educational and morally touching, they are not always preferred by most audience. This can be attributed to people’s dislike to moral teachings as they feel that they need to face life with less guidance.


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