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The video provides a critical point of view towards innovations that are taking place in the digital world. For instance, it critically analyses the positive and negative effects of the internet on learners and other people, as it continues to gather momentum in this computer era. This documentary video enlightens parents about what their children do on the internet, and how much time they may waste or use constructively in their daily activities. Learning is another area that the movie has addressed extensively (Rushkoff, et al.). It provides that educationists can teach and learn favorably to utilize the internet. On the other hand, it raises eyebrows on the dangers that the same internet can cause to the education system. This confirms that the internet has played a crucial role in changing the world. It has influenced the lives of people from all walks, including education experts, parents, young married couples, health service providers, military men, and psychologists. This is quite great since it enables it to cover different aspects of life. This site is suitable for adult people, but also offers chances for young kids to enjoy. For example, kids interested with the following arts: video games, cyber bulling, friendship, and love ideas in the video.

Digital media has greatly changed people’s relationship in various ways, both negatively and positively. The teaching profession has been focused with great interest on highlighting ways through which professionals and learners interact during the teaching learning process. For instance, it gained considerable positive ideas into the system. Learners can now get resources through the digital media and reduce the dependency on teachers and physical books. They can carry out research using their high technology telephones and learn more with little assistance from the teacher. In this case, it has made the teaching and learning process easier for both, the teacher and the learner (Rushkoff, et al). On the other hand, it brings out issues that can limit the progress of education. It identifies that technology enables learners to send text messages to their friends during classes. This makes them fail to concentrate in class, and later the results may be affected. The movie also points out that the most kids spend a lot of time playing video games. They waste almost eight hours a day, which requires regulation by parents.

There are different ways through which one person can communicate to another. Currently people have more choices than earlier on. Various communication tools and modes make communication easy. With the introduction of the internet, people started communicating through Facebook, Twitter handle, and sending messages via e-mail. They create forums through which people can pass information to others without wasting time. Digital media facilitates the discussion of political issues without limitations (Rushkoff, et al). All people have equal chances to gain popularity.

As the digital media gains popularity in many parts of the world, it comes with different threats to the users. For instance, it is easy to access information through the internet; Facebook, and twitter among others. Some information can be passed to the wrong audience. For example, children can easily access pornographic material, which can affect their moral status.

Digital media has great potentials in future. The media addresses matters affecting economic status, interpersonal relationship together with physical health services. It is possible to include the limits of free speech through the internet, net neutrality together with issues on broadband access. The digital media can serve better in form of series to provide viewers with better options, to give more time for expressing issues (Rushkoff, et al.). For example, Douglas Rushkoff and Rachel Dretzin have good insights that concern complexities of the digital culture. They could have expounded more if they had enough time.


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