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College students are engaged with various activities in the college and outside. There is a wide number of social media available for the students. The most common are Facebook, Twitter, 2go, Gmail, MySpace and Yahoo Mail. Architectural design of the media determines the communication levels of the students in various applications. Communication is a crucial tool for every human being.

Nowadays most assignments are posted in the social media. It is easier for most college students to access social media than to seek for a lecture in order to fulfill the assignment. The idea of research revealed for me the essence of the social media. I was absent when the teacher gave an assignment. It was required to submit it the following morning. A friend of mine sent a remainder on my Gmail chart account in order I can fulfill the task. I was very appreciative of his help. The instructor discovered that it was a “make-up” assignment. He reminded us that they are allowed only in the serious situations. The policy of the college requires retaking the course if you miss the assignments. There is proportion of marks, and the assignment grades contribute to the overall course performance. This was a memorable incident for the rest of my college life (Beilby 40).

A student who is active in the social media has opportunity to learn a lot. There is room to interact with the rest of the class simultaneously. You can also enquire about an issue and receive immediate feedback. Positive utilization of the social media informs the students about the progress in the academic life.

The academic world is full of obstacles. Every time you face a challenge, it is an opportunity to learn the part of the student life. Computer science students perceive the social media as a possibility to advance their knowledge regarding web design and web advancement. Technological advancement needs constant interactions with the colleagues and helps to learn new technological tips. The best paid student is Mark Zuckerberg. He is a pioneer in the Facebook social medium. The basis of innovation resulted from constant interaction with the college friends during free hours. The student desired to learn the easy channel to communicate with his friends. This was the prompt point for the social media innovation (Beilby 67).

Academic performance results from good access to rightful information in the appropriate media. It is provided in the social media. There are icons for online Google Books, library and provision to attend live teleconferencing lectures in the media. The desire to build academic career is connected with the content of information the student possesses.

Nowadays most scholarship is posted in the social media. The reason is that it is easy to access by the students who need it. Companies post internship positions in the social media. It is also worth noting that the students prefer social media to newspapers and television when they are interested in news. The desire to develop political careers compels students to read political news in the social and electronic media.

In conclusion, positive utilization of the social media will encourage the development of the academic life of the students.


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