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Art is one of the things that are always eternal in life. This is an integral part of the society that absorbs all the changes and valuable historical events. It is always rather difficult to compare pictures as every painter usually has some unique idea that he or she would like to share with the viewer, and it is possible for one to predict what was on their mind. In order to analyze a picture it is necessary to pay attention to a set of details such as landscape, main colors, objects depicted, and the general atmosphere. All these details are essential while trying to figure out the message being passed by the artist. It is indeed true that art is a true reflection of some particular messages in given circumstances.

Looking at the first painting done by John Zaccheo, “Mediterranean II”, it is one of a kind that tries to bring out a certain meaning in life. This painting represents particularly the Mediterranean topic. With the help of small details, the artist shows his unique talent and creates a cozy atmosphere of the coast in warm sunshine rays, boats, and flowers in blossom. The greatness of nature is perfectly shown sin the beauty of blue water, fluffy clouds and giant mountains. The background of this painting purely brings out the idea of life, as it is pure and natural. In this painting also, there are always extra seats surrounding the tables. This painting also shows a boat inside water, giving the picture of clean water for recreation. This painting also shows some spacing between tables to be distant, hence no congestion. For this purpose, it may mean that there is enough room for privacy provided to the people around the facility, hence making it a cooler place for taking a vacation from the busy life.



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The colors used by the artist in his job brighten the whole idea of this beautiful painting. Blue color seen in water tries to bring out the idea of pure and clean life, hence implying that the activities carried in such surrounding are health to the environment and the waters. The use of flower pots covered with flowers indicates the beauty of nature. The tables and flours are also covered with a unique bright color, which brightens this painting. The trees surrounding this painting are purely green, which indicates healthy environment and full of life. Looking keenly at the flower colors, they are red and purple, which are bright colors that, as a result, brighten the whole idea of this painting.

The depth perception of this painting is that of sweet life and how enjoyable life is. The idea of the artist drawing extra chairs besides the already occupied tables brings the idea of welcoming, which can mean that more people are welcome to join the table and enjoy life together. The use of blue color in water indicates some case of cleanliness, which, therefore, makes the waters around this area clean for any recreation activities. Flowers are beauty, and the use of them simply brings the idea that life is truly beautiful. The use of green trees in this painting brings the perception of pure and healthy environment; hence one can conclude that the activities around this area are environmental friendly, hence conducible for human living. This type of art is of direct message, which requires no vast thinking. It uses the idea of pleasant images to pass its message across; hence one can be easily satisfied with the view, rather than think more deep on the painting.

Taking a look at the second painting done by Didier Lourenco, it is also one of the kinds that carry its significant meaning. Didier Lourenco is a famous Spanish artist, who began his career rather early and impressed many individuals with his talent. His painting “Atardecer Entre los Arboles” is a combination of both warm and cold colors. Cold colors plays a very significant role, since it usually brings the picture of something dull to anyone that comes across such colors. This painting in any way depicts life in a negative way, because the sunlight rays in the backyard of the painting, instead of it being shown in the forefront of the painting.

The color spectrum is exceptionally soft both hot and cold colors used are not extremely bright. However, the contrast between yellow, orange, blue and brown creates a harmony that is the significant feature of the painting in general. Light plays a crucial role; the sun that is hidden behind the clouds affects the colors and the shapes of other objects in this painting by Lourenco. The use of brown color in such painting will undoubtedly form a dull reflection with the sun rays, hence making the whole scene not particularly much attractive. On the contrary, people will always tend to view things that are much appealing to the eye, than look at some dull paintings. This then brings the main idea of this painting, since one has always to look deep further than just the visual image, in order to get the real meaning behind such painting.

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In this painting, one can also not that the trees that appear here are only two, both covered in brown color. This might bring the perception that such environment is not healthy for life and any living creature around. The color of water in the background is also brown, depicting that also the aquatic life is not safe. This signifies that the activities taking place in such environment are harmful both to the aquatic life and the general living creatures. A woman seated in a chair, and another empty chair besides her brings the idea of loneliness. This implies that something is missing in her life, hence justifying the whole idea of a dull environment. The shapes of the surrounding buildings have unappealing designs, and are also covered in a dark color. One can only think of such place as that of poverty striven, but also can imply that the place is completely departed. Therefore, this emphasizes the idea of preserving the environs surrounding us, since we might end up destroying it and hence making it unsuitable to support life.

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The depth interpretation of this painting brings the relation between the landscape forward and the woman in the foreground. The coring and the structures surrounding this painting all imply the idea of poverty, loneliness, and dullness in general. Moreover, in such a way the painter manages to combine drawing and sculpture that are represented in the way he depicts the woman in the foreground, in a rather unusual manner. This painting brings the idea of lack joist in life when looked from a shallow perspective. Brown color painting will not form a sharp reflection; hence one will always see some form of dullness in such painting. However, the choice of these colors may have some hidden meaning behind it. Something that is always attractive to the eye may not have real value, but the secret behind the dull color may be real value.

When one compares and contrasts these two paintings, they seem to have much in common. At first, they both discuss the sea topic, however, even from the first glance it can be seen that they are completely unalike and two painters had totally different emotions and feelings that made them create these works of art. The main idea of both pictures is to observe the change of the landscape and the relation with some romantic notions that are added to them. In order to understand the real meaning of the painting, it is essential to consider all the details and look at the work precisely. Lourenco’s work is full of such emotions as sadness and loneliness, and the image of a lonely woman emphasizes this fact. As for Zaccheo, it is possible to notice that the painter drew two chairs in his painting and his perception there should be a couple, a couple of lovers, a couple of friends, or just relatives. Anyway, the image of anyone, who can visit this charming patio, is not associated with loneliness. Thus, these two paintings such as Lourenco’s “Atardecer Entre los Arboles” and Zaccheo’s “Mediterranean II,” are very different in their atmospheric perception. Zaccheo wants to show that every individual is often thinking of such notions as dream home, dream rest, living and creating a paradise.

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Every notion has some meaningful idea, and the painter tries to depict these ideas in his work. Zaccheo’s style can be characterized as a very natural one. The painter is certainly capable to represent and express the ideas of every person and every individual. His painting is that one that is appealing to the eye from the first sight thus requires no huge thinking for one to figure out what the main idea is. This is a direct form of communication, particularly for those who are usually attracted by the beauty that is expressed externally. In as much as it is appealing to the eye, one always has to sit down and try and figure out the other side of such image, since it might be having more different meaning hidden behind it. As said, “Not all that glitters is gold”.

Both famous paintings are very distinctive and totally deserve their success, though John Zaccheo makes accent on the details, and in this way his personal vision of Mediterranean becomes more distinct. The viewer has an opportunity to see the houses, flowers and other objects pretty much like in real life due to the realistic shapes and bright colors. Even objects in the background look precise in form. On the contrary Lourenco depicts buildings blurred and the further, they appear the less distinctive they look. Two different visions of the same topic represent different sides of the nature of art. Lourenco puts the woman to the foreground while Zaccheo emphasizes how gorgeous is the view on the sea.

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In conclusion, paintings form the basis of communication starting both from the past and the modern life. This there signifies its meaning as a form of communication to the people, hence calling for some form of attention for such messages to be received by the required personnel. They not only require visual attention but also, they require some knowledge and thinking. This therefore makes it clear that there is always a hidden meaning behind the artistic works, which, as a result, require critical knowledge and attention for the real message to be received by the recipients. However, people always have different levels of understanding and thinking capacities; hence the same type of artistic work may mean something totally different to the other person. However, the basic still remains that there is always a certain meaning behind any painting, no matter of the levels of understanding.


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