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Free «Living in Urban Areas vs. Living in Rural Areas» Essay Sample

An urban area generally refers to a region that is characterized by high population density and vast manmade features as compared to the adjacent areas. An urban area, therefore, will generally refer to a conurbation, a city or a town. They result from the process of urbanization. On the other hand, a rural area refers to the opposite of an urban area. It is mainly characterized by low population density and much of the land in those areas is used for agricultural activities. The term excludes huge wilderness that are not inhibited. Rural areas have been on the decline owing to the expansion of the cities, thus occupying the areas that can be referred to as rural. There exist distinctive differences between the two regions in terms of the way of life. While it may not be possible to exclusively state either of the two to be the ideal place to reside, a case can be built to support the benefits as well the challenges that are associated with residing in any of the two locations. This essay will substantiate the differences between the two lifestyles in the areas such as social and economical and the problems that are associated with residing in any of them.


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Social life in urban areas is different from those in rural areas. Urban areas are advanced and well equipped with modern amenities such as internet and other communication platforms. There are shopping complexes, theatres, restaurants and stadiums among others. The combination of these facilities has resulted to the creation of a self centered community which hardly interacts with each other. The technological advancement, which has made virtual communication easier than before, has resulted to the decline in the real interaction thus making people far apart. It is not uncommon to find a resident who knows nothing about their neighbors. The human bonds have declined and everybody is busy concentrating with his own affairs. This is unlike the rural areas, in spite of the lack of the lavishness that is available in the urban settings the area creates a favorable environment where human interaction is enhanced. There is an ample room for human emotions and building of bounds amongst residents. The relative stability, peace and space that are accorded by the rural setting make it possible for one to accommodate a large family efficiently.

In the economic prospects, each of the regions provides its own challenges and benefits. While the urban areas host a large number of organizations thus employment opportunities are vast, the cost of living in terms of facilities like rent, food, transport among others is high. This makes the urban dwellers to strain much in order to meet their expenses. This is unlike rural areas which enjoy relatively lower costs of living, where the rent is cheaper, the food is available in plenty and at lower prices.

Each of the areas presents their own challenges to the respective residents. Rural areas have limited number of schools within their proximate distance, thus limiting in the available choices. The employment opportunities are limited by their income sources. In rural areas there are no specialized medication facilities thus the overall health facilities may not be as good as in the urban areas. In urban areas, the self centered attitude may result to suffering of a resident since there are no close ties and help may not be executed efficiently. There are high rates of pollution both atmospheric and as well noise pollution, which may lead to the deterioration of the quality of life.

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There exist distinctive differences between the lifestyles in two areas. They both offer their unique advantages and challenges as well. A balance can be obtained by linking the two regions in such a way that rural residents can enjoy the benefits that are accrued by the urban lifestyles and vice versa.


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