Free «Comparison between Sherman and Ishmael’s textbook» Essay Sample

Sherman textbook will deal with politics, and civilization of the west, while Ishmael deals with humanity and equality of human beings, animals and the environment. For instance, Sherman talks about civilization after the WWII while Ishmael helps the narrator to treat any life as valuable and condemns the human beings for seeing themselves as the only ones that matter (Sherman & Salisbury, 2000). Ishmael uses the theme of humanity to explain to the narrator the importance of life. In his narration, Ishmael divides humans into Leavers and takers groups. The human beings are grouped under takers with a culture that dominates exceeding first in the planet. Then through technological innovations they dominated the universe. Also, the textbook that Ishmael will write will be about the animal’s oppression by humans and the Sherman’s textbook deals with how people should stop fighting and embrace new technologies from the west.

Humanism, traits, life-formation and respect are the ways that are required in the text. Both will be for Ishmael and Sharman. In his narration, Ishmael pursued the narrator to be merciful and respect life, this is when Ishmael explains how he was captured in the wild of youth and then, spent the remaining part of his life in various captivity forms and dies as a captive. Life formation is also another way that Ishmael is longing for to protect the Leavers from the takers culture.

The theme of oppression, suffering, inequality and self-centered is the themes Ishmael would omit. Oppression the Leavers culture by the Takers culture in his narration whereby, the dominant or takers culture sees humans as the world rulers and their destiny is to grow without check. They have outwitted the ecological rules governing other life-forms and they are doomed in crushing the planet once depleted of the environmental and biological resources. The Leavers are not allowed to have their own share thus oppressed by being sold and locked in cages. They are not equally treated for they are not allowed to freely to choose their lives. The Takers culture turned on them and agriculture for their own benefit. Through their self centered characters, the Takers dominate everything and leaving nothing for the leavers, for example, when they turn to agriculture so as to force their lives to leaver’s life.


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