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In the contemporary society, people need laptops and desktop computers to do a variety of activities, including long distance communication, playing music, creating databases, just to mention a few. Laptops and desktop computers have a number of typical components, which include a keyboard, display, speakers, hard disk, motherboard, RAM, and many other components. A person can use either a desktop computer or a laptop to execute the same program successfully. However, laptop computers are suitable for mobile use while desktop computers are suitable at single locations. This is because desktop computers are heavy and use only direct current, as opposed to laptops, which use direct current and alternate current as well as being light. Therefore, laptops differ from desktop computers in terms of design, but achieve the same purpose of program execution. This discussion will consider comparison and contrast between desktop and laptop computers.

Laptop computers can use alternate current when the user is far from electricity because they have inbuilt batteries. This characteristic of laptops enables users to operate their computers even during the event of a power outage. On the other hand, desktop computers use direct current as the only source of power, which means that users cannot operate them in case of a power outage. Therefore, laptops should be portable to utilize the functionality of alternate current.

In addition to having inbuilt batteries, laptops weigh less and are small sized, which make them portable. Users can carry their laptops around while travelling, and they can work from any location. A laptop is a single unit with all components, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, webcam and speakers built in it. Therefore, users do not need to connect and disconnect such components every time when there is a need to change locations. Unlike the portable laptop computers, most of the desktop computers are heavy, which makes them not portable. Many components, such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and webcam, which make up a desktop computer, are separate, and the user must connect all the components correctly for the computer to be functional. Users must also disconnect all the components and pack them well before moving from one place to another when changing locations. In case a user misplaces some components like the power cable, the computer cannot be functional until the user buys another power cable.

Laptop computers are extremely expensive in today’s computer market and some components, such as the monitor, are delicate and require users to handle with care. Therefore, many people may not afford to purchase laptop computers because of the high cost. Many desktops are extremely cheap in today’s computer market, which makes them affordable to most people in the contemporary society. Desktop computers are more robust than is the case with laptop computers. For instance, the monitors consist of a hardened glass that cannot crack easily, which is contrary to the delicate screen of a laptop computer.

In conclusion, it is apparent that both laptop and desktop computers can achieve the same goal of executing computer programs. Both laptop and desktop computers become functional when the essential components such as a keyboard, monitor, hard disk, motherboard, RAM, and others are in place. However, laptops differ significantly from desktop computers in terms of size, weight, and connection of components. Laptops are small sized and weigh less as compared to desktop computers, which are voluminous and heavy. Laptop computers have inbuilt components, while many components in desktop computers are separate and a user must connect them to the central processing unit for the computer to be complete and functional. Desktop computers are robust while laptops are delicate because the screen is extremely slim.


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