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Dorothy Draper was an interior designer by profession with a long standing legacy in her profession alongside a number of books on entertaining etiquette that have been reprinted recently to entertain guests. On the other hand, Frank Lloyd Wright was an American interior designer who designed approximately a thousand projects with a resultant five hundred works being successfully completed. He designed interior elements such as stained glass and furniture in buildings. Wright was also a writer, educator and an architect who promoted original and innovative organic architecture such as offices, skyscrapers hotels, museums and Churches.

Dorothy Draper was professionally paid to decorate thirty-seven floors in Manhattan Hampshire House hotel alongside side multiple decorations of offices, restaurants and hospitals.  Dorothy Draper had heavily impacted on American Interior design as she even decorated cars for Packard motor car company and an airplane interior for Convair although she was still criticized by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright who called her an "inferior desecrator," Dorothy Draper historically made the profession of interior design an easy venture for the designers who came after her. Although Draper's work did not survive as admirable up to the current date, a few works still remain visible in various locations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The industry of interior design has developed from a small venture into a multimillion venture that incorporates furniture and product design, environmental psychology and architecture to come up with spaces that are functional and esthetically pleasing to clients.



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Ostentatious works are those intended to attract, capture and impress people's attention by displaying the works that are carefully designed to cause excitement and admiration. In real life practice, Compact-style houses have adopted the use of ostentatious design that uses native materials in favor of attractive structures that are simple (White, 2007, Pg 118). On the other hand, organic works are those that are simple and close to nature other than those that incorporate works and innovations that are artificial.

Lloyd-Wright's work

Falling water is one of the best admirable private residences designed by Wright in Mill Run, Pennsylvania for Edgar J. Kaufmann's family. The private residence was designed near Pittsburgh in a landscape characterized by a stream of water and a water fall which facilitated Wright's desire to design private residence within the vicinity of natural surroundings with a stream and waterfall running under part of the building. The design was characterized by cantilevered balconies, waterfalls with a stream of water running below part of the building. Terraces were also design using concrete for the horizontals and limestone for all verticals. However, the design was criticized by Kaufmann's own engineers and contractors who secretly added extra steel to the Terraces' horizontal concrete and cantilevered balconies.

Graycliff summer estate is also one of the significant works designed by Lloyd-Wright in the south of Buffalo in New York. It was Wright's important high organic style designs for his long-time patrons Darwin D. Martin Created and Isabelle. The Graycliff works consists of three buildings overlooking Lake Erie set within 8.4 acres piece of land. Wright was inspired by the site and scenery of Lake Erie itself where he created a transparent home with views through the building. From the home, one could capture the scenery of the lake through the terraces, cantilevered balconies and water features designed within the landscape to echo the lake.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is also one of Wrights Lloyds' famous works in the New York City. The building is characterized by its unique spiral look with an interior portraying the look of the inside of a seashell although after completion, Wright's desire to have it painted white was ignored. The Museum's central geometry was purposefully made to enable visitors to experience Guggenheim's geometric paintings that are nonobjective. This purpose was achieved by raising an elevator to the topmost part where artworks could be viewed by walking down the central spiral ramp that descended slowly. The central spiral lamp was designed to complement the central geometry by embedding the floor with triangular light fixtures and circular shapes. The whole work could be termed as spectacular, however, after the completion of the museum many important details of Wright's design were left out. The exhibits of the Museum that were viewed by visitors walking down the curve walkway are currently being viewed by visitors walking up the curved walkway from the bottom level.

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Dorothy Draper's Design Work

Greenbriar Hotel is one among the many designs by Dorothy draper. The Main Building of Greenbrier hotel consists of several rooms with each of the sitting rooms have a unique design with high-ceilings. The interior of the Main Building of Greenbrier hotel is also made of nooks and corners that are designed in an attractive delightful manner. The exciting design of Greenbrier hotel is specially designed to please and attract visitors to prolong their stay. Public restrooms in the main building of Greenbrier hotel are decorated with a flourish design in each of the several rooms.  The Greenbrier hotel vicinity also consists of an indoor swimming pool used by visitors during the cold months and an alternative outdoor swimming area that is used by visitors during the warm season.

Carlyle Hotel is a distinctive construction situated in the Upper East Side. The Carlyle hotel building is characterized by elegant Art Deco façade and a spectacular roof that is ornamented. Dorothy draper's design and ideas of the Carlyle hotel were improved and innovated with creation of visitor friendly services such as high-speed Internet access. The attractive venues in the hotel were also fully renovated by the famous design firms. The hotel attractive designs create an ideal venue for parties, board meetings, weddings, business entertainment and anniversaries. The hotel consists of two spacious banquet rooms, luxury suites and a reception foyer for day and hourly events. The hotel improvements and renovations were done specifically on custom wall treatments alongside the use of muted gilding and shimmering textures. The suites were also improved by the reflection of custom mirrors, velvet and a glamorous shimmer of gold.

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Hampshire House Hotel is one of the skyline buildings in the city that is famous for spectacular view of two tall chimneys with copper roof. Its design is completed with glistening white brick that characterizes the building architectural design as a unique hybrid. Hampshire house building design is executed by setback cascade that are attached to the rectangular tower from the back of the lot. The building was made of a steep copper roof while the bottom of the building is designed with white marble walls that are rusticated, polished black granite trim and aluminum fixtures. The design of the roof and base of Hampshire building is that of a stylish design of Modern Classicism. In comparison with other stylish designs of modern classicism, that of Hampshire building's roof was more attractive with the exciting colorful design. Hampshire building base consisted of elements that were modern in combination with its great roof.

Modern Interior and Architectural Designs

Ancient interior and architectural designs that were initiated by Dorothy Draper and Lloyd Wright have advanced into modern day design although some are merely an improvement of what was there in the past. Some of the new designs that have come into place are

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 British Modern Library Business and Intellectual Property Centre is an example of a modern design that provides an exclusive new resource for small and medium sized enterprises, a space for entrepreneurs and creative people to network and benefit from the British. This Architectural design incorporates a new generation, entrepreneurs and network of creative people who will take advantage of the Centre designs and contemporary environment. The modern design of the British Library Business and Intellectual Property Centre enables the public to benefit from the brand and unique value creation in the design. The design of the Centre is the first architectural design to be completed for the purpose of networking and holding informal meetings between the reading rooms and the public foyer.

The architectural design of the British Library Business and Intellectual Property Centre was done by Eldridge Smerin. In the design, the spaces for networking and holding informal meetings are separated by a long glass wall beyond which Workshop Studios are designed for seminars and workshop sessions. The spaces are specially designed for presentations and flexible furniture configuration to fit different purposes. The architects merged the ancient and modern designs of furniture where they selected the modern Vitra benching systems and the classic chair designed in 1948. The furniture configurations also incorporated the use Wi-Fi systems in the foyer alongside other new demands which solved given design flexibilities.

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Beach House architecture Design is a modern design that is recognized as a spectacular improvement to Beach houses for Summer Holiday where families and individuals visit to relax themselves and enjoy sunbathing. The Beach House is an exciting place that was designed to represent the Simple Beach House architecture Designs in the Australian Beach Shacks. This Simple Beach House architecture Design was exclusively designed for summer holidays with its landscape fixed with timber boxes surrounding the main beach house. The Beach house design applies the Australian Architecture traditions of Beach shacks that seem to have been a transfer of the so called suburban ugliness. The design consists of an additional bedroom that opens up the room into the northern façade of the rugged bush block of the Beach house. The expansive deck of the roof is designed for double purpose by extend the living space out into the treetops.

Retractable seats inside the modern train interior design concept: Modern train interior design concept with Retractable Seats was introduced in the train interior designing competition by, Bombardier YouRail and Chris Precht. The concept of the interior design competition was to create an improved new modern train to facilitate the idea of space creation for travelers exceeding the normal train capacity to the ongoing needs and demands of train travelers.  In most cases, one would not miss to hear passengers' complaints of touching against strangers due to congestions in the narrow spaces between cabins, inside the ordinary trains where people travel for hours.

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Chris Precht modern train design of retractable seats was a means of creating additional space in the cabins of the train without reducing the number seats available inside the train. The design concept of retractable seats was designed in such a manner that the seats can be completely moved into the ceiling of the train when the particular seats are not being used in the train. The modern train design of retractable seats has been criticized as a theoretical innovation but not practical in the real train congestion situation. In cases where the train needs to carry maximum capacity of passengers, the design cannot be applied as all seats will be occupied.

United States experienced renaissance and reaction to machine aesthetic, product design emphasizing on simplicity result in new expression of modern art against 'primitivity' of African and Oceanic sculpture. Museums of modern art exhibit on modern Jewelry design which focused on the spirit of innovative concepts, selective use of unusual materials that recognized aesthetic trends thus popularity of contemporary design. Nostalgia represented a positive reaction against conservative, expensive, and ostentatious designs (Browne, pg 441). Taliesin West, Wright's winter home and studio complex was a laboratory for Wright design work for a long period until he died. Currently the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has developed as the site of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Wright is responsible for a series of concepts of suburban development with its basis under the term Broadacre City where he proposed the idea in his book The Disappearing City in 1932, and came up with the model for the society in general

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International household design trends, improvement and innovation focuses on transforming and rebalancing organic works with aim of merging design with nature for client satisfaction. Clients are searching for calming and free flowing designs that are meaningful and those that bring out the aspect of nature and originality in their homes. The design applies the use of organic materials such as the use of thick nits and sheepskin wool which adds a sense of luxury to the designs. Among other organic material colors that are used in natural designs is terracotta, warm browns, ruby reds which are key colors. They may serve the purpose of designs that bring out a sense nature during retreats and pastoral sanctuaries for particular seasons. Dorothy draper would always paint walls, wainscoting and woodwork white with the ceilings preferably pink and bring in a red chair, black parson's table and a green carpet for a spectacular environment (Gray, 2003, pg 178).

Unlike organic materials design, ostentatious designs brings out emotional austerity as an emerging trend and innovation focused on by designers for the purpose of achieving quality and passion. The passions need to be successfully evoked with warmth that contrasts to monochromes and straight lines in a mix between the ancient and the most recent. The focus of materials and colors by designers is widely brought out by materials of nature such as leather and woods to complement with earthy colors like brown and olive in the design. However, the modern designs trends seek to achieve a balance between elegance and simplicity by featuring the white color to keep the attractive designs symmetrically understated. Contemporary designs are new styles that apply lightness, color and technology to come up with appealing features unlike in the past where chemical dyes were rare and hard to get. Ancient designers used color combinations such as hot pink, canary yellows, bright blues and sizzling orange on textiles, carpets, wallpapers and walls (McDermott, 2007, pg 50).

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Trends , improvement and innovation in the industry of design seems to be abandoning organic colors and materials  as it focuses on keeping pace with modernization of its clients now and in the future. The modern design colors aim on using glossy grey and black for the purpose of being reflective ad clean while Cirtus colors like yellow and lime greens bring the aspect of softness to innovations. The design that seeks to achieve a mix of style on modern perceptions is referred to as Amode unlike the art deco style, which was considered classic in the years before 1940. The deco style was characterized by the Jazz age of elegant costumes and streamlined cars. Designers skillfully apply the use of floral materials which are also regarded as ostentatious and exotic although the use of plant forms may create a feeling of restless.  These applications are famous unlike British designers who apply artificial imagery and exaggerated paleness with limited tonal variety (Jackson, 2001, pg 27).

Luxurious and elegant home designs incorporate a variety of features such as the size of the house, the foyer, entertainment areas and rooms. Luxurious homes that usually require a lot of space may be considered as wastage of space although in the real sense such home portray the quality of life and prestige. Modern Luxurious home design usually emphasizes on features such as the kitchen to be developed as a large part of the home due to the consideration that cooking is a vital aspect for all owners. Plans of building big homes entails a detailed view of aspects such as abrasion resistance, deck strength and light exposure with incorporation of a variety of constructing materials to decorate homes and make them elegant. Materials that may be used in decorating homes are tiles, recycled rice hulls, reclaimed paper and wood used for wooden flooring, decors.

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Dorothy draper and Wright's works opened up the profession of design for many people both in the present and in the past. Design includes a broad perspective of works such as elegant and Luxurious home designs which begins with an individual's vision being transformed into paper then reality. Designers' vision comes over years and months through imaginations and ideas which are related with the environment many ideas and imaginations from months or even years. Luxurious and elegant homes blueprint is complex design to come up with although interior designing may depend on the needs and preferences of the client. Interior designing may adopt user friendly and environmental conscious aspects such as green house. Architects help deciding whether to use recycled products of mosaic tiles or green house products.


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