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Privacy is perceived differently depending on ones understanding and what he is talking about it can be in terms of disclosure of ones information, work, access, activities among others. Since 1984 to date, people have different perceptions when it comes to privacy of ones information. Generally, people are still reluctant to disclose information about themselves because of security reasons, what the information will be used for and to who will use it. Divulging information about oneself may be dangerous hence need for some boundaries, Petronio, 1991.

In 1984, privacy was experienced in all aspects of life from studies, work, and data among others. Present day use of information technology in many companies and organizations poses danger in ones work and life in general. For example in India where data protection laws versus personal  involvement is clearly laid out, ways to curb the states interference with ones personal data are not in place. Privacy is an important aspect in ones work whether on the social networking sites, research or medical field.  In early years, that are early 1980s, before technology advancement, privacy was a norm that everyone respected and before using ones work or information, one had to have permission from him. However, with the emergence of more technologically advanced gadgets and social networking sites (SNSs), for example face book, twitter, mobile phones to name but a few, privacy has dramatically shifted gears to publicity. This is clearly depicted by the fact that individuals are now creating information for others, Tapscott and Williams, 2008.



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Present day, there is rampant lack of privacy due to the fact that by engaging in SNSs people are bound to connect and share information about themselves with others, this brings to light their unknown identity, Douglas and Mcgarty, 2002. It gives way for SNSs subscribers to connect with those who are not subscribed. This is in contrast to 1984 since online connections were not available. Privacy in 1984 was clearly incorporated in ones work and information which are in sharp contrast today where when it comes to works of music for example, piracy is a rampant vice that is experienced worldwide leading to erosion of the set market with pirated counterfeit goods that lack quality.

Today, privacy is considered a vital tool in every organization and information is treated as confidential but with the increased dynamism and access to technology, one is in a position to find information regarding any topic. In contrast, during early times, people had to travel long distances to access information on any given topic this is because there were few modes of communication. In 1984, publications were limited to important information only due to the fact that individuals were not knowledgeable enough to access and use certain crucial information this is in contrast with present day, where one can access information on any issue.

Technological advancement has also played an important role where many people have trained in this field hence they are knowledgeable on how to use different gadgets, create there own web among others leading to access to information on different sectors. According to McClatchy, 2009, ones privacy is important. He uses a case of someone in prison to depict how lack of privacy has thrived today. Wardens always conduct abrupt searches in prison cells to verify information on prisoners and to ensure no prison breaks but in reality one is entitled to his privacy even in a cell and the searches although important may hinder it.

Rampant lack of privacy today as opposed to 1984, has elicited a lot of debate with many arguing that it erodes the content of information, it is risky among other vices while others argue that it is important and it creates awareness, connections, improves relations among others. With this in mind, the US government and other nations have come up with privacy protection bills where ones data is to be treated confidentially.

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The fact that lack of privacy is prevalent to date, certain tools have been proposed by the US government to ensure consumer information via the internet is handled discreetly from the public in order to establish a loyal customer base and ensure their needs are effectively met. This is in relation to the Federal Trade Commissions proposal of a device that was to stop others from accessing their information which is in contrast with the 1984 activities.

Privacy can apply to all sorts of things from a person, to companies, institutions, among others. In this case we consider the privacy of the company. There is a perception that companies do not require privacy because they have to vigorously advertise there products, post there results for everyone to access with the objective of luring customers and meeting there required set target of maximizing on sales and making profit, however in reality, there is a clear line between what one is supposed to convey and what the company considers confidential. This has led to a different approach to privacy among individuals and companies at large, Celestine, 2011.

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Privacy on ones information was clearly respected in 1984 as the laws on personal information were clearly adhered to compared to today where ones telephone can be tapped by law enforcement agencies (LEA) to know what one is conversing about, to whom among others including listening to his confidential information. There has been a rampant increase in the leak of highly classified state information to the media that has led to scrutiny by the people. In this case where classified state information is violated by the leak of the contents of the tapes, the judges ruled that law enforcement agencies (LEAs) had the right to tap ones telephone but not to listen to personal conversations. This clearly depicts that despite the fact that telephones are for personal use, one is not at liberty to use it as he please because you never know when it is intercepted hence limits ones privacy, Mahapatra, 2011.This is in contrast with how things were in1984 where few people had access to telephones and because crimes were not so rampant hence no need to intercept ones telephone for information.

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Today crime is a deadly threat to any countries economy, people, security to name but a few. Different states, institutions, companies and organizations have varied measures of dealing with or curbing this threat. In the airline industry for example, passengers are subjected to a body search, scrutiny of ones luggage, and in addition there is tight security that ensures all those travelling do not pose a threat to the country. This in essence may be for the benefit of the security of all on board, the state, its people among others but to others it is not necessary and may lead to intrusion of ones privacy. For example breast cancer patients are having a hard time adapting to body scanners installed for checkups at airports for security purposes. Medical equipment like colostomy bags are also causing mixed reactions from patients. This in general is a violation of ones privacy and should be looked into. In response to 2001 attacks, the Transportation Security Administration was formed by the federal government and was allowed to conduct a body search on travelers and their luggage. This was a violation of ones privacy and exposed the travelers' personal belongings that were considered private, McClatchy, 2010.

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The fact that privacy is crucial in different fields including information, medicine, business among others creates concern on what the government is doing towards mitigating lack of privacy where different measures have been put in place to curb this device. Privacy from 1984 is slightly different compared to present day, this is clearly depicted with the advancement of technology in different aspects of life and how different things are carried out today The slight change in privacy can also be attributed to varying perceptions held by individuals in different areas in regard to what they consider important, vital and confidential information.


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