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The painting Hay Wain and the slave ship portrays about the naturalism. On one hand in the painting Hay Wain shows the inborn beauty of the creation of the god while in the painting the slave ship it tells us about the cruelty of the real nature which exist in the world of human beings.

The hay Wain consist the beautiful small farm house on the edge of the stream and a cart with two people sitting on it and on the there is a little puppy seems to be playing with the waves coming to the shore and on the left there is a small cottage apart from that on the back a huge green garden with lots of greenery and on the red roof of the house, in front of which a woman kneeling to fill her pitcher, she stands well out on the dark shadows which throw the lane on the other side of the deep shadow and on the right of the gush there are stretched out meadows which are fine golden in colour with the clusters of trees throwing cool shadows on the tiny grass.

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The undulation and the movement of the water is finely indicated (Tinker, 1938). The white clouds drifting across the sky, and the darker one on the left, a gesture of an approaching shower. This all really attracts the individual to the exotic. The trees, which have been dashed with the utmost vitality and passion, seem to swing about in fresh breeze, and the sky is sensational and sublime. He shows us the elegant landscape painted with deep colour which captures the sensation of immediacy. In the centre foreground of this bucolic scene, a man steers a horse and a empty hay cart across a ford in the river located just in front of a quaint , country cottage. In the distance Hay makers and cows are interspersed on a grassy meadow. Although, his scenes are not necessarily 'true' to reality. Constable strove to create paintings that appeared natural and authentic.

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The painter has shown his realistic and creative mind in art and his profession. All this is the portrayal briefs about (Tinker, 1938).

On the contrary, the image of The slave ship shows the ferocious power of the sea and the odd creatures represents the hardships and forces of the cosmos rigorous and culpability. The sea and sky merge around the faraway ship. In the lower portion of the picture hands of the enslaved creatures can be seen still hacked. On the sea, it is a stormy day with much strong winds. In the front of the painting the sea is full of fishes and slaves and in front part the sea is somewhat self-possessed and further we see few more slaves and much larger fishes with gigantic jaws trying to crush the drowning slaves. Moreover, in the picture the typhoon was on the in such consequences they overboard the ship for less damage they can strive to survive (Tinker, 1938). At that moment the water was changing itself into the blood as the slaves were in the sea and faced the miserable death. the typhoon has its own frightening noise which the people cant bear anymore and the were getting into the rushing water to get rid of it. The people were also thrown in the water as some of them were sick and due to ill health they were condemned to dreadful death. The storm is much harder in the left side of the painting. The sky has on the left side a big dark cloud approaching. More to the right the sun is on its way down into the sea and forming a long tail that goes down toward the sea as is reflected on the sea, as a long thick vertical. The waves overlapping the ship or the ship overlapping the waves that clears that there is a volume in the painting and the sea. Turner should be called a visionary where the Constable was a romantic painter.

This painting is two-sided on one side a beautiful painting and on the other side a pure face of ruthless and inhuman occurrence.

In the painting of the slave ship it could be a general condemnation of the violence and traumatic inflicted by human kind for the sake of greed and ambition. The black masts of the ship appear in the distance and shackled arms thrash about in the tumultuous waves and become subject to fierce fish. Turner's unique style depicts the loss of humanity in "the Slave of Ship" his ghoulish representation of slavery and the American Slave trade. Here, the dead and dying castaways sink to the bottom of the rough sea. The brutality is gloomy and depressing which shows the pure hatred for the sinful slaves.


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