Free «The Pro’s and Con’s of Criticism» Essay Sample

Criticism is a way of ephemeral judgment as to the advantage of something. It is true that criticism has both advantages and disadvantages; this is to say that some critics prompt good results while others bring about negative results. It is definitely true to say that fine response cannot be found easily, this is to say that it can take centuries to come across a person who knows how to give useful criticism that can encourage someone to do something better.

A smart critic takes a lot of time analyzing what something is as well as what it can't be.

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A high-quality criticism gives the founder of the toil more perspective and confidence which gives them the morale to continue being more innovative. Good criticism is a basis for high self-esteem which enhances effectiveness (Berkun, 2004).

On the other hand bad criticism seizes every opportunity provided around to make the one being criticized feel inferior whereas the critic feel so intelligent and advanced There is a great tendency of people taking criticism so personal such that it becomes so heavy on them and they cannot be in a position to take the critic positively .

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Negative criticism can seriously destroy one's morale and confidence in handling issues in life; actually it demoralizes one both socially, economically and even spiritually (Machl, 2005).

It is possible for one to use criticism to better their future whether constructive or unconstructive. According to Weisinger (2000) for one to experience positive criticism in any environment one must be willing to take a risk of talking out his dreams which are question to criticism (p.63). It is a great idea to be a first-class listener by avoiding defensive thoughts, this allows one to know what to correct and how. Finally one can make constructive use of criticism by being inquisitive, being able to take corrections in a systematic way and strive to get all the information correctly because this motivates ones ability to do something before getting the final results.


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