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I can hardly live without a cat in my house. In the modern era, people have increasingly been absorbed in the art of pet keeping. Cats and dogs are the most common pets around the world. This is because of the vital security role they play, for instance, cats chase after most of the rodents and poisonous snakes while dogs guard the homesteads from invaders. Owing to these beneficial roles, care ought to be taken upon them in spite of the fact that each of the two species draws differing degrees of attention. Cats and dogs are antagonistic as dogs always pick on cats often as they coexist within the home environment. As a result, many people have found themselves in a dilemma as to which of the two pets to keep given that both have to be fully satisfied so as to be reliable in performing their tasks.

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In this essay, I would like to bring to the reader's attention the reasons backing the argument that cats are easier to take care of than dogs.

The advantages presented by cats have been obtained from their various life aspects such as the feeding trends, medical care, the level of hygiene associated with them, their rapport with human beings and the ease to house them. To begin with, cats consume relatively small amounts of food as compared to dogs thus the cost incurred in feeding them is low. Apart from purchasing their specific meals, they in many occasions feed during the human meal times and on what people take and only a few spoonfuls satisfies them.

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Additionally, cats can comfortably survive on their prey like small birds, grasshoppers and small rodents like rats due to their small stomach capacities.

On the contrary, dogs are more demanding, requiring as much as ten times per meal as the cats thus posing a financial challenge to the owner. On the area of medical care needed, cats rarely fall sick and if it happens, their medicinal expenses are not huge. On the other hand, dogs easily get infected with disease like rabies thus calling for frequent medical check-ups. This disease is not only expensive to treat but also causes death to the pet or poses a threat to human life since a bite from an infected dog transmits the disease to them. Still in support for cats as the preferred pet, they are generally more hygienic. For instance, they do not relieve themselves anywhere anyhow. In many cases, they naturally identify a specific hidden place. This is directly the opposite of the dogs who make the compound filthy and stingy. Moreover, cats are docile and friendlier than dogs thus making them to build an intimate relationship with human beings especially children.

They do not require much familiarization to be even play partners for the children. Rarely do cats harm unless faced with a circumstance endangering their life. Unlike the dogs, cats hardly make unnecessary noises disturbing the peace in the homestead and more precisely during the night when people need rest.

Housing a cat is almost costless as they do not need specialized structures to live in. They can even afford to rest on the family furniture or beds and go scot-free. Contrasted to cats, dogs have to have kennels, situated at a considerable distance from the family house. Furthermore, the owner has to provide a chain so as to restrain them from loitering especially during day time. In conclusion, it is evident that cats are easier to care than dogs due to the fewer requirements they need for upkeep compared to dogs. Therefore, people interested in pet keeping should consider rearing cats than dogs since cats are always a pleasure to have around.


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