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The Jewish group that believes in the idealisms that is believed to have left by Jesus on earth is at least among the top ten religions around the globe today. In the United States alone, it could be sensed that somehow, at least 43% of the population belong to the Jewish belief. The strong connection of the people believing in the guidelines provided by this particular religion to the human society is immense. The evidences suggest that somehow, the Jewish religion creates an understanding between people pushing them to become accustomed to a culture separate from the regular culture that the other individuals in that community pursues to tread on. The ways by which the Jewish religion intends to manifest the definition of "global group" sharing one belief has been labeled as Zionism. From this label, the identification of the movement from being religious became more focused on the political side of the process.

The question is, how is Zionism imposed as a basic form of politicking process used by the Jewish people? Is there any particular basis for this claim? How are the different approaches to Zionism close to that of the approaches imposed through Zionism? On the other end, there are those who impose that Zionism takes the same form as that of colonialism? Undeniably, it could be observed that the issue on Zionism being a form of Colonialism has long been debated upon especially by those who are closely considering the different political movements of the different countries around the globe.

In the discussion that follows, a presentation on the different response to the questions mentioned above shall be critically analyzed. The discussion is expected to clear out notions on Zionism being a colonialist movement and present how the two procedures of political invasion that somewhat disturb the social balance that the world evolves in at present.

Understanding the Basics of Zionism

Noted as an international nationalist political party, the Zionist movement intends to reestablish a homeland for the Jewish community in Israel. Basically coming from the religious traditions that serve as a link between the Jewish people and Israel, the new Zionism movement has been practically explored and developed towards becoming an international Diaspora of religious oath on the part of the secular Jewish groups.

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As a particular response to the anti-Semitism and the anti-Jewish movements in Russia, Zionism has begun to transform into becoming a more aggressive movement towards Jewish development and freedom.
The founder of the movement, Theodor Herzl, was a known Austro-Hungarian Journalist who tried to seek to suggest a particular sense of urgency among Jewish people to call out for the need of migrating to the land of Israel. As part of the movement's success, the establishment of Israel in the 1940's was pursued and better realized years later. Israel was then recognized as the homeland for the Jewish population.


However, due to the increased demand of modern globalization, keeping the Jewish people within the territories of Israel was not as much possible anymore as it was before. Definitely, the control of the Zionist party over the dispersal of the Jewish individuals towards the different parts of the world became weaker and weaker. AS a response to this change, the Zionist movement intended to pursue the creation of Jewish homelands in the different parts of the globe where their members have been dispersed into.  Practically, this approach intended to create small Jewish settlements and states that are dedicated for the Jewish people to dwell in. to support this movement, the establishment of the 28th Zionist congress intended to outline the different points of the Jerusalem program which included the most important aims of the Zionist movement at present. These points are as follows:

(a)    The importance of the unity between the Jewish people is an evident source of competence and proper establishment of the faith that the Jewish community shares

(b)   The gathering of the Jewish population from all the different parts of the world is an important part of the unification of the faith

(c)    The state of Israel's establishment is based on the prophetic vision of peace, security and justice among the human generation.

(d)   Maintaining the Jewish identity through education and imposition of cultural views among the new generation of the faith no matter where they are in the world.

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(e)   Imposing the need to protect the rights of every Jew situated around the globe.

These five particular points are expected to keep the unity of the individuals in the faith in a more centralized manner that is both considerably righteous and justified in the eyes of those who are aiming to put the Jewish individuals into a well focused environment that would allow them to have a greater control of their morals and culture in a more effective manner.

The different points of consideration placed as the primary goal of the Zionism movement proposes a serious understanding on how and why a particular focus on unifying Jews needs tone pursued. In response to this, the individuals involved in this movement intended to seek approval from the United Nations Organization to have them legally permitted to establish Jewish communities where there are followers of the faith. This particular approach has been contested by Arabs and Palestinians who felt that this movement is a practical presentation of widespread colonialism on the part of the Jewish faith. Rather than a religious sworn oath, the Arab communities, even that of the several American states view this approach to be quite political, aiming to have partly important existence within a particular community in a particular country or state based from a political view. Is this claim true? The following section shall try to introduce what colonialism really is and how closely it is related to the movement of the Zionist parties around the globe today.

What is Colonialism?

The territorial movement of one political party from one place to another; this is what colonialism is all about. Definitely, through the existence of this political movement, the years of political invasions on the pages of human history is practically defined by the different points of colonialism and the procedures by which it is applied by human political groups. This particular approach to colony control usually refers to the 15th towards the 20th century of the European rule. Based on different goals including profit, power and persecution as well as religious influence, colonialism has been defined as the greater sense of control that a colonizer has upon its captured colonies.

At present, how does colonialism still exist within the human community? Practically, as per mentioned herein, it could be observed that the movement towards modernized human living has been affected by the approaches influenced by globalization. The intense application of this culture was supposed to vanish the idea of colonialism towards the thought of making it certain that the need to establish a properly imposed worldwide brotherhood is in place. However, on the part of seekers of social identity, there are those groups who intend to retain their reputation and identity which is practically separate from that of the usual culture that the world embraces. Possible because of the moral standing that the human society is living with today, there are those aiming to respond differently to the call of worldwide brotherhood.

How Zionism Relates to Colonialism

As mentioned in the last parts of the previous section to this discussion, colonialism also includes the process by which religion becomes a part of the colonization approach. However, in some way, it only is a part of the whole picture. The primary aim of controlling the state or the country as a whole is still the main focus of the colonial movement. Comparing this movement towards that of the idealisms of Zionism is quite an over statement. Why so? Note that the importance of the Zionism movement is intended to establish a proper environment that the Jewish community could live in. It could be noticed that this is to simply safeguard the culture and the morals of the religion away from the possible alienated culture that it may take from the different systems of living where the Jewish individuals are situated in. Practically, it could be sensed that this protection of faith is just right so long as it does not propose to make the whole group of the faith rebel against the government of the area where they are residing at. This means that although they are living in a community of Jews, the control over their secular living still belongs to the government that controls their community.

 In short, there is a specific difference that separates the movement of Zionism from that of the movement suggested by the colonial approach of social control.



The world today is pushed to believe that politics is one particular element that human governance could never live without. This is practically the reason why there are times when the human society is faced with the doubts of whether or not a particular movement is political or not. One among the most common mistaken statues of social unifying factor is that of the religious groups who have members from all over the globe. With the established guidelines of human rights, it could be observed that there are times when some religions indeed go beyond their limits and at some point affect the lives and the community systems of some areas. This is the reason why there are those who become overly skeptical especially when it comes to religious movements such as that of Zionism. Truthfully  though, through carefully examining the basis of such movements, critiques would find it easier to understand that Zionism is basically established within religious guidelines, however, when applied differently, it could be observed to take a certain approach to political movement. This is the reason why serious observance upon the pursuance of this movement should be imposed.


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