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Free «Uncle Dan and Uncle James» Essay Sample

I have met a lot of people in my life but I have never found those who had exactly the same characteristics. This fact proves that each person is unique in his or her own way. At any particular time, the uniqueness of every man makes it possible to compare and contrast the specific person with any other person. In this context, I will be comparing and contrasting two close members of my nuclear family: uncle Dan and uncle James.

Both uncles have worked for the government and each occupying top positions in different government parastatals. They all have families and are in their early fifties. They are responsible members of the family because they provide for their respective families. However, they have a common vice that we highly abhor, they are both dictators. They believe in giving orders which must be followed to the latter with no retaliating questions or attempts. This has led the family, especially their children to develop fear for them. They both restrict their children from going out and have fun especially at night. They are not heavy eaters and they have a slim physical appearance. They hate politics but they like watching news and animal documentaries.


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Despite the brotherhood, they both have their differences. Uncle Dan is a strict religious person who is so much into Christianity. He has a bigger responsibility because he has five children and he saves a lot. Uncle James is a drunkard and a spendthrift. He only has two kids but he rarely saves. Once I came across his bank statement and saw that his bank account is always empty before the next salary arrives. Uncle Dan is faithful to his sick and unemployed wife while uncle James separated with his hard-working wife due to his promiscuous nature. Uncle Dan is not proud fof being social and respectful and he even goes to buy grocery in the stores and cooks for his family. Uncle James is however very proud, he is antisocial and cannot cook or go for groceries.


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