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The story of West Side was set up in the upper West Side of Manhattan and it basically talks of contention between two teenaged squads from diverse backgrounds. Anton, an affiliate of the white crew, had affection for Maria, Puerto Rican’s sister and the head of Anton’s adversary squad. Romeo and Juliet is unquestionably the mainly accepted quixotic love tale to forever strike the mythical world. It tells about strong obsession between the ill-fated enthusiast Romeo and Juliet. Their affection was fated from the beginning for the reason that their folks- the Montague embodied by Romeo and Capulet, by Juliet had disputes (Connolly, 56).

The superseding premise, of course, between the Romeo and Juliet story and The West Side Story is affection or love which was profound, powerful and zealous love. This is the type that challenges everything including families and the devoted. The affection Tony had for Maria and that which Romeo felt for Juliet made them disobey their families, their acquaintances and their societal world (Bowers, 49). Their affection was powerful and vigorous, so much a great deal such that it made them riot against the very world they turned around on, and, occasionally, even in opposition to themselves.



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Strength of opinions and outlook govern both narratives. For the case of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo’s temperament takes on greatness to another height. His ability for yawning fervent love is simply a conservatory of his capability for strong mind-set of all classes. His concentration is apparent when he creeps into an opponent’s terrain to hunt for Juliet, or when he murdered the wife to his cousin in a fight and to finish, when he commits suicide in the lead of mistakenly supposing that Juliet was dead (Connolly, 71). The similar way, Tony in the story of West Side was also competent of tremendous feelings. This is when he murdered Bernado, the brother to his lover in a fiery disagreement. He also dared Chino to murder him after contemplating that Chino murdered Maria of which as we make out goes ahead to his unfortunate failure towards the finish of the narrative (Shakespeare, & Yates-Glandorf, 84).

Both guy characters appear distinct by their tremendous sensations and capability for profound love. This profound powerful sensation halved by both chap characters is what drives both narratives onward. The affection that Romeo and Tony had for Juliet and Maria respectively would not be in existence had they not had such passion of sensations in the beginning. The ladies alternatively show evidence of sense, impartiality and potency. Juliet, for example, illustrates her fortitude when she initially complied with her parent’s appeal to seek to be devoted to Paris, their preferential suitor (Connolly, 93). The similar manner, Maria confirmed power of determination over sensations when she decided to walk down the aisle with Chino,

Their detachment stumbles upon when Maria resolute to escape the city with Tony to abscond the confusion in their wake. When Romeo murdered Tybalt, Juliet did not go after Romeo instantaneously. As an alternative, she made a reasonable choice to let her affection for Romeo to direct her main concern. Juliet and Maria, in fundamental nature, both decided to disentangle themselves from their societal associations when they resolute to go after their affection for each other. Juliet stopped herself from her foster, her folks and her community rank when she went after Romeo. Maria separated from her relatives, the reminiscence of her dead brother and her societal sphere when she was determined to escape with her lover Tony (Shakespeare, & Yates-Glandorf, 66).

Juliet murdered herself after contemplating that Romeo had passed away not because she could not handle it but because of the affection and strong feelings she had for Romeo. She knifed her heart with a stiletto which proves a lot extra bravery than deciding to drug herself. In contrast, Maria did not consign to suicide even bearing in mind that Tony was murdered by Chino. She used the calamity to make it clear to The Jets and The Sharks, the two groups that had grudges, how their abhorrence guided to the death of Tony. The two clusters affirmed armistice in the process. There is no definite confidence that one can assemble from both tales on affection and affairs. Both narratives seek out to depict the confusion and impediments that enclose obsession and love.

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Aggression caused by love is an extra subject matter that saturates in both stories. In both accounts, love is allied to bereavement. In the West Side story, Tony died towards the conclusion of the narrative and similarly for Romeo and Juliet’s story where Romeo and Juliet, convened unfortunate death as the tale got to the finish line. Brutality is extremely prominent in both accounts as we are excruciatingly informed from the beginning that the two main characters originate from clans that disagreed like that one of Romeo and Juliet or disputing ethnicity for instance in the story of The West Side (Shmoop, 67). There is that profound sensation that difficulty will infuse the moment the tale starts.

In both stories, the protagonists fall in love and their affection for each other is prohibited. In the West Side Story, Maria is a Puerto Rican settler and while Tony is an American. These two do not get hitched but they continue to have obsessive feelings for one another. The hatred between the Sharks and their rivals was rationalized to prejudice although fewer characters in the West Side story pass away as compared to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet story.


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