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My holiday period was boring; therefore, I decided to use my free time visiting patients in hospitals. After passing several hospitals, I noticed that Mavoko District hospital was different. The hospital had a total of seven doctors and nurses, but two of them - a man and a woman - were exceptional.

The man was of white complexion and seemed ever smiling. He always wore a clean white coat with a file in his hands. The file was subdivided into two columns: one with the list of his patients and the second blank used to record patients in the intensive care unit. The woman wore a white coat with folded arms, and she had always a black book on her wooden table.

I came to learn that the woman was not very caring, but the man was also always at will to help any patient who came his way. I heard some members of the staff joking that he never went to his house. He loved his job. The woman, on the other hand, would come as though she was being pushed. She did not care much about the state of the patients. She never checked on her patients. She argued that there was nothing to worry about because if a person was meant to die, he or she would die no matter what the doctor did.

The woman was unemotional and had no sympathy. The man, on the contrary, was always happy and caring. The woman would live the patients waiting to go for break, but the man would go out on his way to make sure every patient was attended to without complain. Moreover, the woman made patients hopeless, while the man gave them a reason to live. The man used his leisure time playing with patients at the hospital. The woman, however, saw her free time as time to party and meet friends.

Thus, it is not surprisingly that most of the patients would rather be treated by the man than by the woman. What is more, the man was more successful in his carrier than the woman. I have also noticed that the moral state of a doctor and his/her attitude to work have a great impact on the patients’ mood, health and well-being. Besides, this stay at the hospital granted me an opportunity to appreciate life and be there for those in need.


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