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In the Norton Reader by Linda H Peterson there are many short stories that are combined by different authors using different styles depending on the message that they would like to pass on to the readers of their work. In the collection we find The Pyramids by Samuel Johnson and the 'Of Youth and Age' by Francis Bacon. The two authors have diverse styles that they have applied in their work. Some styles that they have applied are completely the same while others are quite different. This is because they are independent of each other and as such the presentation of their work is different. 'Of Youth and Age is a story that is generally about the way young people are different from the old for instance in terms of the opportunities that present themselves before these two groups of people. The Pyramids is a story that mainly talks about visiting the historical pyramids in Egypt and the discoveries made about this wonder of the world.

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In both stories the authors have adapted narration as their way or style of passing message and this is clear as the third person is used to refer to the events that took place in the past and are being narrated. In The Pyramids there is a narration about the tour to view the pyramids up close and the recount of how they also need to see the Great Wall of China.Francis Bacon uses irony when he talks about the youth are inexperienced and dreamers yet that the only thing they can manage to do because they are learners who gain experience in every day's life and as such they mu8st be ignorant and experienced. After al it is widely known that experience is the best teacher and the youths are no exception despite of their age and shallow mindedness. The author also reiterates about the way young people do not take up opportunities that present themselves to them yet the old are only people who are experienced enough so as to be able to take up such opportunities.

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On the other hand, Samuel Johnson uses symbolism as he tries to pass on his message. This is for example when talking about the pyramids they are compared to royalty and riches and even happiness. It was believed that the pyramids were high and respected just as much as the royalties. It was also a belief that the riches associated with it brought happiness. This is because we are all aware that money can not buy love or happiness, it is built and felt from within. The author has therefore assumed that the pyramids symbolize the riches or material things that one may have.Symbolism is also very evident in n the work Francis Bacon. This is evident because he classifies the youth and the aged and aging into groups depending on their character and the mannerism in which they carry themselves. The youth are considered to be the lazy lot that is always looking up to the aging generation so as to use the knowledge, they are too dependant on their parents and as such they are not worth all that they are accredited by their ever loving parents.Personification is also largely applied in The Pyramids is also applied when referring to them as they all get mesmerized by the view of the pyramids and as they are so overjoyed about seeing the pyramids for themselves and hence satisfying their inner need so as to be able to achieve everything that they want in life. The two authors have a huge diversification of the styles that they have used and as such the message they intend to pass to the people reading their work is rightfully passed. They are very descriptive and have also included dialogue in their work so as to break the monotony to the reader so as to make them remain interested in the work that they are doing. Dialogue is used as a tool that enables to completely capture the mind of the reader and also so as to try and make the fictional work appear real. This has been well utilized in the two stories by both authors of the short stories.

The two works of fiction have also relied on factual material so as to be able to come with a flowing captivating story. These works of fiction is very central when it comes to educating people about the features around the world, they also help in answering questions such as why do the youths act the way they do and the aged also. UI gives answers to the rhetorical questions. 'Of Youth and Age' also helps the reader understand the nature of different kinds of human beings that is dependant on the age of a particular person. Both authors have applied various styles in presenting their work. Some are the same while others are different depending on the target of the author. Generally both books are educative and they are an important leisure tools. People of all aspects of lives can use them to their own satisfaction. The most important thing in fiction work is that the intended message is passed eventually and hence the styles of presentation presented by the different authors may differ provided they pass the main idea or concept.


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