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The God has awarded different skills to every person that can be matched with other person but completely match is not possible. The core prospective of every story and novel is to provide some specific lesson to its readers. There are hundreds of thousands of articles and books occur in our universe which may or not differ from each other. It has been consensus that, there are a number of texts and publications are there which are quite similar in nature and ideas but different in lesson provided by them.

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The main theme of this paper is to do a comparison or contrast analysis between two published books of somewhat similar text. The books on which this entire analysis will be based on are A&P by John Updie and Deftly Narrated Nonsense by William Peden.Both the stories based on the ideas on the unfair dressing of the women came at the grocery store. A&P is a short story written by John Updie in the year 1961. "A & P" is a tiny piece printed by John Updike in which the hero and first part speaker seemingly takes a brook for his kind of what is right, only to face disappointment. M. Gilbert Porter referred to the supposed "A & P" in Updike's tale as "the universal denominator of internal-period suburbia, an appropriate emblem for the pile ethic of a consumer-conditioned circle." O the other hand after 8 years of this publication William Peden introduced his book on almost the same matter. We will compare the major parts of this story in next sections in subsequent comparison headings.

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The core themes of both of these studies are almost the same which is to daunt and dismantled the vulgarity occur due to the unethical and revealing dresses worn by the girls entered in the grocery stores to buy to purchase herring snacks. The numbers of characters in both the stories are same, like 3 beautiful girls were entered in the stores to buy some specific product. In both the studies a teenage clerk was on the main cash department who appraised the girls sexually.Comparison # 2 In both the stories, it is mentioned that in the stores safety as well dressing cautions were duly pasted at every wall of the stores which must be complied by each and every visitor of the stores. Both the authors were in the fact that, the dress which the girls worn were the one which people usually wear at beaches, and it must be avoided to wear like this at a public place. As both the authors were against the dresses worn by the girls in the stores, so they depicted this in their writing as the weirdest things done by a girl.

Comparisons # 3 In both the stories, the store manager was the one who took initiative against the illegal and immoral dressing of the girls. The manager had talked in strong voice that this type of dressing is not allowed in this premises as it leaves serious negative impact over the other clients as well, which not only reduce the clientage quantity but also the revenue growth of the store drastically.In the end, it can be said that the consensus regarding the similarity of texts and lesson is there in many stories and publication is true, which can provide similar amount of lesson to its potential reader. The same, we have seen in this assignment by comparing the text material of these two publications of different authors.


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