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Football is one of games that utilize team spirit. The game involves various aspects such as kicking the ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal. It is not reasonable to compare football with war because war is a serious deadly business. The lessons that are learnt from war are lifetime lessons. Football is just a game like any other that distracts our attention from the daily life activities. Making a mistake in football is not the end because one can still live to see another day and correct the mistake ("Football"). This paper compares and contrasts football and war.

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War and Football are quite similar despite their differences. Both involve taking possession of the ground of the opponent. Each play in football is a battle to be won. A team could on the offensive as it tries to drive into the enemy territory and score while the other team is offensive and tries to drive their opponents back. Just like in war, in football, air and ground attacks are used and they complement each other. However, the key to victory in both football and war is the ground and defensive game.

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According to "Football", the key to successful offensive is to run the football (1). The air attack in football is breathtaking and spectacular and therefore is not enough for total victory, just like in war. Moreover, both require strategy for success. The ground and air attacks are important constituents of strategy that helps teams win ("Football"). Both football and war have rules and the participants wear uniforms for identification. As the battle is fought, in the end there are winners and losers.Despite these similarities, war is not fought on a friendly basis as compared to football that the battle is done on a friendly basis. As indicated earlier, war results in loss of life unlike in football where losers can go back strategies and win later. Additionally, the motives and intentions of war and football are very different. War is fought due to enmity or conquest of a given territory while football is played to enhance friendliness, harmony, cooperation and cohesiveness. Therefore, despite the similarities of the two, they are very different.


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