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Free «Vacation Time» Essay Sample

Vacation is here with us again and as usual, people will welcome it in styles. Since time immemorial, debates have always been there on whether to go for vacation on the beach or mountains (Urbain, p 23). After a lot of soul searching, people will always reach a decision on where is best for them to spend their vacation. Observations previously made deduce that, people will always prefer places away from the hustle and bustle of the city (Urbain, p 24). But where to spend the holiday depends on some factors such as financial capability, climate and accessibility among other things. This particular essay attempts to compare and contrast vacationing in the mountains and/or the beach. It will attempt to address questions why some people would prefer to vacation on the mountains and not in the beach (Urbain, p 25).When one attempts to go for summer vacations, mountains can be superb place to be. This not withstanding, mountains have been known to be some of the best places to be any time one thinks of going for holidays. Compared to the beach which is very hot especially the sand, mountains have reliable and comfortable temperatures. Unlike in the beaches where there is a lot of noise, mountains provide a unique environment which is very calm and quiet (Urbain, p 26). Truth to be told, beaches cannot be a perfect match of the mountains putting into consideration that, the beauty of this place is natural and not complicated in any way. It is a place where all would like to be to say the least. At any given time of the day during summer time, temperatures on the mountain range between 65 to 80 degrees (Urbain, p 27). This is very different from the beaches which record temperatures from 80 degrees being the lowest recorded during summer. Due to this, the mountains provide an environment for people to jog or even hike at will (Urbain, p 34). The humidity is very comfortable and one does not need to keep folding inside a wet clothe. In some mountains, temperatures have been known to go as low as 30 degrees making the summer vocation not only an enjoyable moment but also unforgettable too (Urbain, p 37).

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When you compare the number of people in each case, you will be shocked by the hordes of people who are found on the beaches at any given time. On mountains this is definitely a unknown and unheard vocabulary. If one is looking for a quiet serene environment, mountains are probably the answer and the unique place you have been looking for (Urbain, p 45). Beaches to begin with, do not have a wide area given that the space relied on is just beside the banks of the water body. The most surprising thing and rather funny is that, the same number of individuals vacationing on the beach may be equal to those on the mountain but the former will appear crowded due to its limited space (Urbain, p 53). When one is taking a vocation which involves a family, or an organization vocation, mountains are the place to be given that it can accommodate any number of people at any given time. There is unrivalled variety of wildlife and it is nothing but fun. Comparing this with the beach, the only probable animals available may be seagulls and nothing more. It just can be a boring place thanks to the mountains (Urbain, p 55).

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While taking vacation on the beaches, one simply does not seem to understand what he is missing. The mountains provide one with a better viewing point for all that there is. It is even superb when one carries with him a camera (Urbain, p 58). While on the mountain, the cool breeze is just fantastic while one is watching the streams, forests and many more, all from the mountain. It is even fabulous when the snow is present because it makes the mountains look shiny and beautiful. On the beaches, there s nothing to show for beauty apart from the scorching heat which makes the sand hot making the place just unbearable (Urbain, p 63). Anything like a cool breeze here is far from the vicinity let alone a dream. Beaches are sometimes even associated with immorality due to the fact that, people are forced to stay half naked owing to the high temperatures. It is worthy noting that, getting to the beach does not require a ceremony. You just need to get in the car and within a blink of an eye you are there (Urbain, p 67). This is very different when it comes to a mountain because it calls for ample preparation and struggle to get there but struggle is worth it. Those who go there enjoys to the maximum and lives to remember. Unlike for the sunburns that the beaches have to offer, the mountains offers individuals with all what one would imagine to have during vacation (Oates).Unlike in the beaches where the regulation of temperature is unheard off, mountains come with what one would call a perfect package. A vacation there will offer you a cool morning, a little bit warm afternoon and evenings which are relatively cool. This enables one to know what to wear when (Oates). Still in the mountains, good hotels are found in almost every valley you unearth and this makes you understand even better, that indeed you are on vacation. Taking a meal in any of these, being a first timer will leave one wondering where he or she was for all that time. This is definitely not found on the beaches. The aroma of meals here is what one would call a well prepared meal which triggers ones appetite from the word go. Come at night and one would like to rest, all that is required is a cool breeze and some sounds of crickets to soothe you. If beaches are anything to go by, nothing of the above mentioned can be found anywhere there (Oates). The place is just rough and the breeze there is never cool. On the mountain, sleeping there is what any one would wish to have. If wishes were to sleep on the mountains many people would without reasonable doubt. One can easily fall asleep anywhere. This is made possible by the soothing that is brought by the cool winds going round the mountain. The noise made by the sea is nothing to compare with what is found on the mountains (Oates).

On the beaches, the influence on the children is totally questionable if what goes on there is anything to go by. In most cases, due to high temperatures, people tend to walk even naked in broad day light all in the name of vacationing. This cannot be looked down upon bearing in mind that the kids are just there. In other words, the place looses its intended purpose and becomes something different (Oates). It sometimes resembles a brothel. On the other hand, mountains would and will never have such things, due to the relatively cool temperature which do not give any room for an excuse to stay nude. To conclude, I would advise people that, going by the above argument, the writings are clearly written on the wall. Although there might be a few challenges here and there the mountains are just what one would call a superb place to be during vacation (Oates).


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