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Free «Dean Door Case Study» Essay Sample


In the case study under review several factors might have precipitated the fall in the quality of manufactured steel doors. Since the employees of Dean Door Corporation were under pressure to produce a given number of units within a time limit, there are possibilities that control procedures were not adhered to. This paper evaluates questions raised in the case study.

Question 1

From the data in Exhibit 16.12 the average inch produced is below the specification of 30.000 inches, but not below the lower specification of 29.875 inches. Additionally, the average is not above the upper specification of production. This is an indication that production is within the limit and the out of control is a result of other factors, different from the production procedures. However, it is possible that the workers did not adhere to the production procedures in other areas, hence the difference in the final specification of the produced doors (Montgomery, 2004).

Question 2

The initial charts indicate that production is within the specified limits, which implies that production procedures were being controlled. They do not reveal any out of control conditions as all three shifts are producing within the lower and upper limits. However, it is also notable that most of the inches produced fall below the average inches and this is a pointer to existing conditions which are not directly related to the actual production procedures. Such conditions might result from handling and storage of the produced doors which can lead to a difference in the final inches (Montgomery, 2004). 



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Question 3

In view of the provided information, all the products are within the limits specifications. The cause for the difference in the inches might be caused by factors such as handling and storage, and even transportation of doors which might cause expansion in the door inches. Other causes might come from the customer, Walker Homes, who might be handling wrongly the materials delivered to him. It is also likely that since the company has hired new employees, they do not have sufficient skills in production and handling of the material during and after production.

Question 4

Process capability is the comparison between the output in the control process and the limits of the specification using capability indices. This is done through formation of ratios of the spread of specification process and the spread of values of the actual process. It is normally done using six standard deviation units (Relyea, 2011). The process capability index in the data indicates that the company should transform the minimum average inch produced in order to approach the normal specification of 30.000 inches. The company should also develop a different set of indices which are applicable to the non normal distribution so that it could meet the customer’s requirements.

Question 5

From the data, the company faces a serious problem since the average inch produced is below the specification inch. Therefore, the company’s management needs to address several issues in production and out of production channels which might be causing the difference in final door inches. This problem can be eliminated by evaluating the production and handling procedures so that the average produced inches are as close to 30.000 inch mark as possible. The standard deviation in the production can be achieved through controlled production procedures in the actual production and handling of the materials to the final destination (Relyea, 2011).


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